Firstly Biafrans congratulate you for your unprecedented advancement of your skills in technologies and otherwise. Biafrans are happy that a country such as yours exist. But on the contrary, we are also disappointed that you are silent over the continuous murdering of unarmed citizens of Biafra. I know Germany to be a Christian country, just like Biafra. Biafrans have gone through hell in the hands of Nigeria of which you are all witness to.
In the history of Nigeria, her creator, Frederick Lugard a British citizen defined Nigeria as a mere geographic area. Nigeria is a combination of three nations which consist of three diverse religion. Right from the days of amalgamation of Nigeria, Biafrans has become endangered species for other citizens of Nigeria.

This has been the bone of contention springing up the Nigeria/Biafra war that claimed the lives of millions of Biafrans following the land, air and sea blockade of food and drugs. Biafrans has become testing tubes of Nigerian securities. It is important to remind you that our young men and women were brutally murdered in cold blood by Nigeria murderous security agency.
We are humans like you are, and therefore, we are entitled to the right to life. Nigerian government was a signatory to the United nation's chartered human right. Although Nigeria was meant to separate after hundred years of existence, since water and oil can not mix. Today Biafrans has managed to cope with Nigeria for more than hundred years, therefore, demanding for immediate separation of Nigeria. Biafrans has become slaves while ordinary Nigerians becomes wealthy and happy out of our misery.
It has come to our knowledge that you are on a deal with Nigeria to supply them with hardware weapons. We are bringing to your notice that any arms provided to Nigeria are tested on innocent Biafrans. Let us remind you as well that Nigeria security agency has killed the uncountable number of unarmed protesters and recently, the killing of innocent Biafrans that were remembering their fallen heroes. 

What be the need of supplying weapons that will be used to destroy innocent Biafrans? We know Germany to be a good hearted country that can never contribute to the genocide of innocent citizens. We are also bringing to your notice that the oil you have a deal on, belongs to Biafrans who will soon leave that contraption called Nigeria.
We are asking you to halt every deal from Nigeria to supply weapons because the lives of innocent Biafrans are in grave danger. You can rather, insist on furthering this deal with Biafrans, to ensure the safety of Biafrans. We will appreciate your complementation. God bless Germany, God bless Biafra.

Emmanuel Precious 
Published by Udeagha Obasi
Umuchukwu writers.
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