Fulani attack can be devastating
Biafra Choice Writers have got intelligence report that Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s number one Islamising agent, has concluded plans to have Fulani herdsmen attack Irette community, and other communities in the environs, in Imo State today. The community is along Owerri/Onitsha road.
Before jetting out for his medical treatment, Buhari had sent ammunition for the operation, which has already arrived in the zone, brought in by the Police. Our source revealed that Buhari gave the order for the attack following falsified information that the villagers have killed scores of Fulani cattle in the area.
On another plank, Biafra Choice was given the information that the Fulani cattle-herders also wrote the village that they must be paid compensation of 200 million Naira for their killed cows. It has long been revealed that this was a common practice with the Fulani, whenever they want to open a terrorist cell. They usually threaten the people this way, which if and when paid, they use to purchase more arms and equipment to fortify the cell.

Biafrans are advised to be vigilant and take precautionary measures to protect themselves. Even if the attack has not commenced now, they people must not think the danger is over. The Fulani can be very patient in planning their evil. The people must also not rely hundred per cent on the Police.
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