A perceptive exploration of the predictions and prophecies of “the man who saw tomorrow”, Nostradamus, revealed a marvellous prophetic inevitability of Biafra as a sovereign, strong, separate nation. Nostradamus, the 16th century famed Jewish- French doctor predicted over 400 years back, that “A Powerful Prince will arise in the world at the Trigger of the Gun. He will be the envy of other princes. They (the other princes) will try to subdue his rise but all will be a failure.

An insight into this prediction reveals that the Trigger of the Gun is at the position of the yet-to-be-actualized Biafran Republic and that Nostradamus’ Powerful Prince will come from this gestate republic---Biafra.

It is noteworthy to recall that at the discovery of the African Continent, the name initially given to it was “The Gun”, because of its semblance to the shape of a gun.
Looking at the map of Africa, Biafra (bordered and deriving its name from the Bight of Biafra) is at the position of the Trigger of the African Gun – geographically speaking. It then follows that the Nostradamus’ predicted-powerful Prince will come from here.

And how can that Prince arise without a sovereign Biafran State in place? What this translates into is that a sovereign Biafra is inevitable. It is as certain as day following night.
One proven fact about Nostradamus’ predictions and prophecies is they hardly fail. He prophesied the coming of the first and second presumed anti-Christs – Napoleon and Hitler. He equally “saw” the Arabian prince wearing a blue turban who became a terror unto Europe and America – Osama Bin laden. This came to past equally. So, could it be that the Rising Sun of the Christian Democratic Republic of Biafra (CDRB)is breaking upon us?

In addition to predictions from the USA and other intelligent countries of the world on the failed state of Nigeria, Prophet Ekong James Ituen of Christ Deliverance Ministries, Lagos, said, “There is a danger ahead of Nigeria. Nigeria is sick and the sickness is not unto life.”
What Prophet Ituen said, in essence, is that the demise of the state called Nigeria is a foregone conclusion, spiritually speaking.
Since the sickness is not unto life, it is unto death. Requiem for Nigeria can as well begin immediately.

Written by ken Pat
Published by Uchechi Collins
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