BIAFRA In two weeks, two Biafrans was beheaded by the Jihadist Northerners in some northern States part of Nigeria. One will ask, what are their crimes? Well, you will marvel when you hear the crimes of these Biafrans. Their crimes were only blasphemy like they claimed if only it did. The first incident was at Niger State, after which another took place at Kano state. Permit me to admit the fact that in these two states countries are security agencies such as Army, Police, road safety, vigilantes, DSS, SARS, SSS and so forth. But it's so surprising that none of these agencies were seen killing or shooting at these perpetrators of evil. These security services could have only appeared if it was IPOB, MASSOB or any other Biafra Restoration groups. They arrested no one because they killed Biafrans that did no wrong. It is laughable that in Nigeria one can easily commit a crime with his or her mouth. This is a country that claims to adopt democracy. In Nigeria, democracy is now dead and mourned for on daily basis. It is crystal clear that the prophesies of the greatest prophet of our time, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has all been manifested. He once predicted that soon Muhammadu Buhari will use his blood-sucking soldiers to go against Biafrans. Today it has become the newest development so far in this zoological republic called Biafra. When I remembered the ethnic hatred in the minds of mostly Northern Nigerians, I come to a conclusion that we deserve not to be together in all ramifications. The director of Radio Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has been passing unjustified judgement from the Nigerian government presently, on one of his broadcasts on Radio Biafra, made it clear that there has never been a country with diverse religion, which has ever survived. How then could you have expected it to be possible in Africa precisely in this fraud and lies concocted by Demon British, Nigeria? How on earth will someone harbour Taliban that came from nowhere with the intentions to kidnap my six-year-old daughter and make her a mother forcefully? No way! We don't have any commonality neither do we worship the same God. Since I became self-conscious, I have never read anywhere in history where Biafrans killed any Muslim. Our tradition condemned such atrocity. Therefore, we don't kill. I guess this is where the Jihadist Northerners took us for granted. They have forgotten the proverb that states thus "It took one generation to make, and another to break it as well". They should not undermine us or underestimate our madness. We know that when we start the world will try to label us all sorts of name, but that doesn't count because a man dies only but once.

Emmanuel Precious
Edited by Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu writers
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