Nnamdi Kanu in Abuja high court June 20, 2016


A chronological examination of the trajectory of Nnamdi Kanu's detention clearly reveals that the contraption called Nigeria has completely lost its residual pride and focus. It shows that the words of Karl Marx are absolutely true when he stated and I quote "When a man is intelligent, very brilliant, very crafty and extremely wicked he ends up being very stupid ".I see these Karl Marx clearly printed on all the activities, policies, and speeches of President Buhari.

I am of the opinion that the problem facing Nigeria and the President is not corruption, it is the colossal mistake of arresting Nnamdi Kanu, an innocent man, the elect of God and a prophet per excellence. Nigeria now is in a big mess because of this sacred cow, the ark of covenant that is unjustly detained.

This is is what happened when the ark of covenant was captured by the Philippines and taken to the same house where Dagon their god was kept so what happened was that Dagon kept falling and breaking it's hands and legs, the Philippines never knew peace until they realised that they have stepped on God's toes by defiling the ark of covenant and they started begging the Jews to come and carry the ark of covenant. That is exactly what is happening in this contraption called Nigeria and by the time God will be through with this country and Buhari they will eventually beg to let Nnamdi Kanu go.

It is a big error to believe that the problem is normal, it is not just economic downturn, it is the refusal of the President to accept the truth that Biafra of this age is not the Biafra of 1967, that Biafra in question now must be restored, Biafra must be free, nothing more and nothing less.

Whatever that is happening to Nigeria now is an awesome will of fate, that is just the truth, God's wrath have befallen this country but the devil will never allow the so-called leaders to see this. It is just complete foolishness to think that Nigeria will be one again with Biafra as part of it. Nigeria now is hosting a very important visitor called NEMESIS. Nemesis will continue to catch up with Nigeria for as long as Buhari keeps Nnamdi Kanu in prison and as long as he delays Biafra restoration.

Nigerians did not choose Buhari to be the President but God chose him to destroy this evil contraption called Nigeria by allowing him and his evil men to rig the 2015 General Election. Truly God uses evil men to settle evil men. This is the reason why it doesn't matter how good Buhari's intentions might look, the effect of his words, actions and policies will always be negative because the Bible says in Isaiah 57:21 and 48:22 the wicked will never find peace.

It is in fact only the spiritual man that will fully understand what is happening to Nigeria and the President himself. I am particularly bothered with the President's insensitivity to the realities of issues on the ground. I am now forced to ask this question, Has God hardened Buhari's heart like he did in the days of Pharaoh of Egypt? I think something is truly wrong otherwise why is it that immediately Nnamdi Kanu was arrested so many troubles started befalling this country ranging from the President and his cabinet loosing their diplomacy by making unguarded speeches that has plunged the country into a total mess on the international scene, from the rising waves of violence and terror, fast collapsing economy, increasing quest for break up from Nigeria, the President 's worsening health condition and also the high increase in the cost of living of an average Nigerian. Everything has gone wrong in the country.

There is no doubt that the illegal detention of Nnamdi Kanu has brought so many troubles to Nigeria and that is the reason  people with spiritual eyes have told Buhari to let Nnamdi Kanu go but he wouldn't listen and I know that the consequences of his inability to accept advice will be very devastating that posterity may be scared to tell the story. Buhari has killed so many people so he will never have peace, his government will continue to suffer from BARBER'S CHAIR SYNDROME of movement without motion until it is finally burnt down and Biafra will emerge from its ashes.

Written by Chukwuka Fidelis
Published by Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writers
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  2. All hail Biafra's. Please ; Let us remain standing firmly in faith of motivation, courageous among ourselves, determination in our struggle to get our Biafra freedom, and let us not be weary for our enemies which are desperate against freedom of our land of Biafra, that; they are not sleeping. But, {note this down} by the God,Chukwu-Okike-Abima all of them will end up in public disgrace, neither individual's nor countries will endup in public insult & regrets . ( Here is for all the Biafra's hiding citizens, there's no way you citizens of Biafra Nation will denied your father's land, neither you believed or not, northerners can never accept you as brothers nor sisters, likewise westerners.