BIAFRA Sometimes, I subject my attention to critical reasoning; trying to view over through virtual on how Buhari could be thinking if at all there is any brain left for him to think. The evil deeds that he has been accumulating, how he is going to face them after he might have left the presidential authority to his mod houses and cows. By then, he may not see means to detain his opponents illegally, oppress his enemies, fight for Islam for Islamisation, sponsor terrorism, invade communities and offices, breach laws, kill innocent civilians and religious opponents and hover as round the world like his grazing farm. I still go nuts sometimes, reasoning how his children will afford to withstand the immediate embarrassment and sufferings Buhari has indirectly subjected them to.
Is of note that somebody like Olisah Metuh's children, after being alive to monitor the embarrassment Buhari is currently giving to their father will forgive, for not to fight back. The blow will either go directly to Buhari while alive or to his children, when he has followed 72 virgins to meet bloodsucker, Allah. The same thing is applicable from Fani-Femi Kayode, Dazuki and the rest of the prisoners of conscience like Dr Nnamdi Kanu. If there is anyone that will not fight for Armless killed Biafrans by Buhari, I should be number one. The children of the South-South Kinsmen/Monarchs arrested and molested during the illegal invading by Nigeria force in search of the Niger Delta Youths; they are still nursing revenge to northern elites as a payback to the slap of insults given to their fathers.

Buhari is the only Democratic president left that has made enemies because of his bad leadership style except genocidal Gowon and oppressor Obasanjo. Against constitutional provisions, Buhari has tyrannically succeeded in illegally detaining innocent people that suppose to be suspected of any crime. The Law as provided says not guilty until proven otherwise. Going to a year now, Dazuki as a suspect of an alleged misappropriation of funds during Ex-president Jonathan's regime, until now do not know Why he is being detained against his right even after orders to free him was given by Court. Olisah Metuh after series of brutality by DSS and EFCC agents felled indisposed and left with partial stroke. Which will I say? Is it Dr Nnamdi Kanu who has been ordered to be released by the court, still Buhari took it as a point of contract to detain and torture him.

If there is anything the family members of Buhari have to tell/advise him, is an issue of accumulating war and sufferings to their entire family members both internal and extended. They should call him to order now to reduce their level of problems. There is no how Buhari and family will not receive it ten folds as soon as he gets out from Aso Rock. APC members and Ego may be one of the misleading factors that will put the entire Buhari's generation into trouble. This two factors should be given more critical attention than a dry cough, ear disease and brain cancer that he is presently facing. One has to do with generational destruction, and other have to do with overused body depreciation.

Members of the APC and allies of Buhari are the wicked creatures that claim to be saints but daft like devil before God. They started with war mantra on opposition and enemies and later turned to killers of innocent souls, economy crashes, pains inflicted promise and fail to expect. This is not left to Buhari's table alone, even those Biafran governors and stomach politicians who have chosen the blood of their own as an avenue for more gains to their pockets, gamma will not leave you behind. It will sweet you today that Buhari has succeeded in killing hundreds of innocent Biafrans but it Will turn helpless when you scream for help around, and no one will stretch hand to you. We are not cowards neither are we terrorists; we are native people of Biafra praying for freedom both intellectually, legally and through protest. Free Dr Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafrans from your illegal detention now.

By Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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