BIAFRA It is no longer hidden that Buhari mission in Nigeria is to Islamize, kill and to jail anybody that tells the truth about his mission as a president in Nigeria,he is using political position to influence three arms of government which are the judiciary, legislative and the executives, making Nigerian securities to massacre innocent people,lawmakers forcing unacceptable bill called grazing reserve bill. interview with Aljazeera Television Buhari said that nigeria will join the Saudi Arabia led coalition of Muslim countries against terrorism, on March 18 March 2016 Buhari attended the International Islamic Conference on Peace and Stability at the Musa YarÁdua Centre in Abuja. Since Buhari came to power a lot of bad things has been happening both the army, POLICE, EFCC, DSS other securities has been killing and detaining innocent people extra-judicially, even Fulani herdsmen have been killing people and getting away with it just because their leader Mohammadu Buhari is in power. It is no longer a hidden fact that President of the contraption called Nigeria Mohammadu Buhari came into power to unleash mayhem to those he presumed as his enemies, that why you see people been illegally detained, arrested and also been kill extra-judicially. Buhari is a military dictator in a civilian uniform, that's why he rejects court order. The Leader of the indigenous people mazi court of jurisdiction has released Nnamdi Kanu, but Buhari refused to release him. Meanwhile, Dasuki had been arraigned before three different high courts for various allegations and was granted bail but was rearrested in December last year by the federal government and has since been held incommunicado,he told a federal high court in Abuja that he is being punished by some persons at the highest level of power in the country for perceived grievances they had held against him while in active military service many years ago.
Dasuki, who did not name any particular person, said the punishment being meted out to him was unfortunate having being born out of little vendetta. Buhari has been using his anti-corruption war to torment and intimidate innocent people to carry out his evil plans to defenceless people, he fight corruption, but he enters in power illegal way because he did not present his certificate to INEC, is he not corrupt? He knows that corrupt people are freely parading around, his wife is involved in Halliburton scandal, but she is leaving willingly, Buhari has nothing absurdly nothing to offer in his led administration, he appointed his northerner Muslims brothers in high profile of securities to carry out his evil agendas to his enemies. But one thing is sure Chiukwu Okike Ahbiama is with Biafrans and at the end, we will win. All Hail Biafra. #BiafrExit.

By Nwaiwu Chukwuebuka
Edited by Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers.
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