I was biassed on seeing the news that has been making headlines all over the Internet. The report that stated thus "hypocrisy, the British high commissioner says they don't want Biafra". I never bordered to read or get to know the idiot that said such trash. My reasons are not to far fetched. Britain has been my personal enemies right from the day the director of Radio Biafra and Biafran tv told me how wicked and hypocrite they are. I developed an unprecedented feeling towards these blood sucking demons that answers Britain. They are not innocent of the death tolls in my nation Biafra. I have great passion of hatred towards them because, they want to live confidently in our miseries.
Britain has sworn an oath to flush out Biafrans out of this planet earth. Our sorrows have become their joy, while our happiness has become their downfall and pain. For this reason, have they decided to kill Biafrans out of this earth. Britain has gotten prophecy long ago that there shall be a nation that will supersede the whole world, the world shall bow to this nation, and that nation is Biafra. From that day, they began to search for this land, not until they came to Africa and discovered this country called Biafra. They killed our ancestors and forced them to accept their religion. They went down to the north and gave them gun in the sense that with gun, they can crush Biafrans. The West was asked to hold on the media sector so that the marginalisation of Biafrans won't be heard anywhere in the world.
Not quite long, they forced us into an unwanted marriage, and that has begotten an undesirable nation to the British government presently. We started experiencing marginalisation right from the genesis of this evil amalgamation. The West held on to the media ready to crush any Biafran that wants to head to media, or bribe them always to stay mute whenever it comes to news concerning Biafrans. Britain worked with north and west against the people of Biafra. Biafrans became slaves in their wealthy nation that were blessed by our Father in heaven, Chukwu Okike Abiama. The British government survives with our resources, and also gives advisers to the zoo government, who are ready to obey their last orders.
My issues with British government is that, they have the opportunity to decide for themselves and conducted referendum if to remain in EU or not. But why will they decide for me if I will stay in this hell called Nigeria or not? This is why I can not love a British because they are hypocritical in nature. Why will that idiot pronounce to me that I don't have right to leave a place like Nigeria, day after exercising such right? Well, I am not surprised because they will never support a nation that will overtake them in every aspect of life.
But my message to Britain is that they are not the God of Biafrans, who has determined that we must exist as a race. So, therefore, they don't have any authority whatsoever to decide the fate of Biafrans. They only created Nigeria, not Biafra because Biafra has been in existence even before the existence of Britain. So Biafrans should be the determinants, not evil Britain. It is either they harken to us, by demolishing this evil forest they planted in West Africa or face the consequences of it all. The world should note that Britain has given us a treat, and they must be stopped because they have no power over other countries. Their survival depends on the land of Biafra, and this is the more reason for them not to allow Biafrans go. But at the end, that prophecy shall be fulfilled, and Britain will pay in hundred folds begging on their knees. All hail Biafra. By Emmanuel Precious
Edited by Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Published by Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers.
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