The ethnic crises in Nigeria dates back to pre-amalgamation era where deadly clashes where recorded between people from various region of the country. The colonial masters lead by Lord Frederick Lugard forcefully amalgamated and join together people of totally diversed ethnicity, religion, values, heritage and origin this has caused so much sorrow, death and anguish between conflicting part especially when the issue of resource distribution and funds allocation are being discussed.

It is unacceptable by some people to be called a minority in a place they call their country. Even a last born child of a family cannot be termed a minority because no one is a minority in his fathers compound. People from the old Eastern States where they call Biafra (the South East and South South regions of Nigeria) who share similar origin and cultural heritage more than any other region have been separated by the colonial masters since independence because of the intellect, ingenuity, strength and hardworking genes found among people from this region. they seem stronger together and they become minorities when apart.

Other ethnic groups of Nigeria who share similar challenge are beginning to wake up, we have publish post from those in the western part of Nigeria clamoring for independence to stay alone, at some point even some part of the north requested for the same right to self determination and reiterated the fact that the people who form Nigeria were never related and can never be together without any solid value system or agreement.

Over the years we have seen people from the areas called Niger Delta demanding for the right to self-determination too, requesting to be alone as a result of the marginalization experience and the pollution of their land by caused by oil exploration. Among all this group there is one which is more prominent, more serious  and determine to get their freedom or die trying, this is the Biafrans which includes the whole of the old eastern states of Nigeria put together. A former declaration of the sovereign states of Biafra in 1967 sparked up a civil war that claimed the life of over 3milion people mostly women and children.

One begin to ask how long this entity Nigeria plans to stand and remain strong when almost all major ethnicities are demanding for the right to self determination. why are the past and present leaders of this great paying def ears to the cry for freedom from various group? why has the Nigerian government refused to implement the National confab reports and why are they denying people the right to choose where to belong through a referendum as enshrined in the United Nations Chatter for the right of indigenous people?

Recently people from the middle belt released a currency and also a flag showing their interest in leaving Nigeria too, dont you think it is the right time to give everyone the chance to belong where they want to belong and not to kill anyone who simply ask for freedom. it is easier and better for everyone in Nigeria to separate in peace than through war, all those insulting and fighting people who are seeking for a peaceful means of separating is only ploy to destroy millions of innocent lives. If Nigeria break into war seriously no African country can take refugees from us.

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