By Tim Tochukwu

For Biafra Choice Writers

It is now apparent to many Biafrans that Northerners have been preparing for war against Biafrans and people of the Niger Delta. Several issues have revealed this beyond any reasonable doubt. Among them is the latest threat by Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) that bombing pipelines was akin to calling for war.
Another sign is the constant dispatch of Boko Haram members in Biafraland in the guise of Fulani herders to attack, pillage villages and massacre the people. The third sign, among several others, is recent retirement of 200 senior military officers that were in the main Biafrans.
On Friday, June 10, after their usually diabolic meetings of such days, Ahmadu Coomasie, chairman of ACF, the group of vampires from Northern Nigeria that love shedding Biafrans’ blood, threatened the Biafran people with war for the bombings oil facilities in their land (Biafraland). He said the bombings by Niger Delta Avengers (known simply as Avengers) were invitation to another civil war. The Avengers is a freedom fighting group and the people’s resistance Army against Fulani-led Northern domination of their land.
Biafrans were not fooled that in their usually deceptive style of engagement, Coomasie tried to veil his real intentions. He had said that the unending attacks were unjustifiable, as it was stalling necessary machinery put in place by Nigerian government to develop the region. Biafrans who understood the trick have argued that the reasons given by the Avengers for bombing the pipelines and oil facilities were never for development of the region.
They said what Coomasie had done was to side-step the legitimate demands of a people, to generate his own agenda and then begin to discuss it. They consider this as a usually Northern Nigerian style – a trick and style of ignoring legitimate issues and aspirations of a people, and cloud it with another agenda and issue.
Biafrans expected Buhari to have at least discussed the demands of the Avengers: Among them, that Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television; as well as all political prisoners held by Buhari, be released; that Jonathan’s national conference recommendations be implemented; and that Nigeria take its instruments of occupation away from their land, which it had occupied by force of arms since 1970; several other demands.
Commasie tried the trick with Biafra restoration effort as well: “Look at Biafra too. Are they doing it to make the country difficult for this government to rule?”
One thing Biafrans have acknowledged after this was that once a people are beneficiaries of wicked gains; they will continue to perpetrate the same wicked gains that secured them the gains. This is why Biafrans who spoke with Biafra Choice Writers claimed they were no longer sitting on the sidelines believing that Northerners would become reasonable and start acting like civilised human beings. They said the only reason the Fulani people of the North, supported by their Hausa slaves had always threatened war, murder on Biafrans, and often gone ahead to perpetrate it, was because Biafrans have not been preparing to confront them.
“You will hear them threaten war and thunder each time they sense that certain actions of ours will take away their ability to continue to steal and plunder resources in Biafraland” said Cletus Ejinolu an IPOB member in Warri, Delta State.

“In the final analyses, they are not only spiritual vampires, they are also economic vampires. They do not only spill blood to satisfy their demon gods, they also do so to usurp the economic resources of other people’ he added ‘but enough is enough”.
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