Let the world hear us again as collaboration is being made to link and innocent woman who may have been threatened in the disguise of bribe. Can you now see someone who claims to fight corruption but have yet to strip himself and family medals of corruption which they enjoy? There is only one thing sure about our message and which is, that we will never deviate from telling the truth because we are whiter than white.

For President terrorist Buhari of the zoo and evil contraption called Nigeria to divert attention, and rescue his wife from the Halliburton Scandal, he resorted in replacing His Wife with an Innocent Woman.

This is so devilish, and highest level of Corruption!!! How much was given to this poor innocent woman, that made her accept to have linked herself to a crime she knows nothing about.

How possible is it that someone from the same village(Daura) will bear the same Name(Aisha), same Husband name(Mohammad), and same husband Surname (Buhari) .?? We all know who is AISHA MOHAMMAD BUHARI!!! And we all know it not this woman here.!!! How can it be possible that this Innocent poor looking woman will collaborate with big shots like OBJ, Atiku Wife, USA Senator to carry out such an enormous corruption acts!?? If she is this powerful to dine with those big shots, where has she been, that no one knows her Does it mean that the USA does not know what they are saying? Who said Buhari is not corrupt?? They know how to forge, ... they first Forged Buhari's Certificate and used billions to hire big lawyers to defend criminality, and they also forged National Budget and padded it severally.
now this one Halliburton scandal Nnamdi Kanu challenged Buhari several times to go and prove even when the world was yet to know about it.

Nigeria is a corrupt contraption which must be destroyed by the truth we speak as far as IPOB is concerned. Let the world takes cognizance of this.
Ezekwereogu John
Editor Udeagha Obasi
for UmuChiukwu Writers
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