It was not until few months ago that i made the most awesome discovery of my life, and  i:e
The greatest pursuit of mankind is freedom,deep down in the soul of any human is a yearning to be free. The quest for freedom is universal and inherent in the very soul of mankind.

As it is in the mind of ESKIMO child, so it is in the mind of a little village boy in AFRICA. In the poorest village of Biafra or the wealthiest country clubhouse of the aristocracy ,every human heart cries and yearns for the same thing:Freedom to fulfill his or her dreams,a chance to decide his or her destiny.

Religion,technological advancement,scientific inventions,wars etc, are simply man invented tools to create his ideal world,(the world of freedom,the world that he will be in charge of life issues and circumstances,the world that he will be free to decide his destiny,control his environment and fulfill his purpose by himself without any external interference). Many have died and more are still ready to die because of freedom. During the era of cold war,leaders of the west divided the world into two regional camps-the free world and the unfree world,and were willing to fight a nuclear war to defend this sacred ideal  suppress,oppress,marginalize,subjugate,disenfranchise and enslave a man for God knows how long,but you can never destroy the inherent cry and quest in his heart to be free.

The same is the case today in zoo called Nigeria. The people of Biafra that were forced into an unholy marriage called Nigeria without their consent for over 1229 months today,have finally decide to take the bull by the horn,to break loose from the shackles of oppression through slavery they were subjected to all these years. We have finally exhausted our patient,our back have eventually hit the wall and we have no option than be resistant. It is time to go home and nurse our wounds,it's time for Nigeria to pay her debt to history,it is time for this abominable contraption to dismember,it's time  for Biafrans to decide their destinies by their own hands not by Hausa/Fulani oligarchy,it is time for the Land of Biafra and Biafrans to be free

IPOB's unprecedented massive protest,niger delta avengers,egbesu confraternity etc is a sign that the container where our burning desire to be free were bottled over the years have finally exploded,thanks to my leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Now,we can't afford not be resistant,we are good to go now,EITHER BIAFRA OR DEATH.
When Injustice becomes a law,Resistance becomes a duty.

By Monday Joseph
Published by Uchechi Collins
For IPOB Writers
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