I went to the kingdom of Opobo  in 2007, I and my interpreters from Port Harcourt arrived Ogoni by 5:30 pm, the driver who took us had hinted me on learning that it was my first visit to the region, he said to me, Sir, you may not enjoy my processional driving skill for sometimes, due to very soon I will be transferring you to a sea ferry man who will then take you to your final destination.

Surprised by the young man's interest in my journey, I then ask him but you are hired to take me to where I am going? he said yes but there is a point I cannot go, beyond,  when we get that point you will see it by yourself.

1 hour 30 minutes later we arrived at a place like water dockyards, everyone alighted from the bus, I saw giant engine boats floating in the water with many passengers boarding ship.
The driver then turned and said to me Sir; this is the point I told you about it is the boundary between Ogoni and the kingdom of Opobo.

He continued, see that man becoming an elderly man he called Apor saying, this is his boat, the engine is new and I  helped him to purchase it  for five hundred thousand naira (N500,000). This is my phone number, call me if there is anything you want me to personally do for you. 

From here to where you are going is less than an hour drive by sea, I need to hurry back to PortHarcourt because night is fast approaching, goodbye sir and God be with you.
We boaded the boat and Mr. Apor the captain sped off, 20 minutes later we found ourselves right in the middle of the sea, everywhere in the sea surface was so bright because of gas flairing lights from oil exploration companies, other boats are also in motion going towards the same direction.

No sooner had our boat docked in Opobo almost directly facing Annie People sandfilled's compound that the news of  sea robbery that took place few metres behind our boat in the sea, and it gathered that the boat bringing local government staffs salary has been stolen by gun totting youth of the riverine.

The specific amount was not readily mentioned but the informant said that in runs into millions.

The surprising thing here is that the villagers was not lamenting losing such huge sum of money, but was lamenting what brought about their educated and intelligent youths engaging in stealing their own money and destroying their own properties in their own land.

What the King of Opobo told us the following day  was the same thing the villagers said the previous day, that they regretted not joining our Igbo brothers to defend this land during Biafra/ Nigeria civil war in 1966-1970.

Look at Hausas  and the white men taking our oil, polluting our waters and destroying every aquatic life in this region, how can you blame our youths, many of them have ran away to America, some to Europe, some who live in Lagos is not dreaming of coming home, why? they said that they bought a car where will they ride it, no road, a satchet of pure water here cost 10 naira, the oil theifs made everything to be unaffordable, our elderly ones are dying in drove, by the time you will leave this village you can count the number of hunger and poverty related death on your finger tips.

The doctor is referring to me, you see, it is only God that will send deliverance to us in this British forsaking area.

Look at malams, referring to the Hausa/Fulanis; they are living big while our children which we suffered and managed to train in school is now tagged and branded militants and robbers. 

At this juncture, both the man and the woman narrating the inhuman treatment broke into tears, I controlled tears myself, drew near and cuddle both of them together with an intermittent tapping with my palms on their back.

The memories remain with me, but now is the time for Biafraland everywhere to be liberated.

God have sent mazi Nnamdi Kanu to spearheaded the liberation struggle, the people of Igwe ocha, the people of the kingdom of Opobo, Ogonis, Itsekiris, Urohbos, Akwa Ibomites, Deltans, Ijaws, Igbos, Igbankes, Igalas, Ogojas and Idomas LISTEN TO ME.

Any of you who is a soldier in the  zoo Nigeria army must refuse to defend Hausa/Fulani oil wells connered from Biafraland.Do you know that galant Biafran in  Nigeria Army is being sent to war front in the north east only for the Hausa,/Fulani Islamic senior soldiers to inform boko haram terror group about the troops movement thus ambushing the Biafrans and kill them in Battle field. This is our great opportunity to defend our homeland. 

If any of you takes part in protecting our stolen oil wells for the zoo to continue as one Nigeria, you and I, my children and your children will be banished into the Islamic political wilderness for life.

You must remember that the price we are paying today is as a result of our father's mistake and miscalculation that belonging to one Nigeria will favour us instead of joining hands with our Igbo brothers, 45 years after that misadventure, the Hausa/Fulani/Yoruba oligachy are richer while we are poorer, they drive the best car our oil money can buy, while we barely ferry our families in a wooden boats to our huts called house.

They build refineries in the desert where oil is none existence.

Let us make history by being the new generation of Biafra that will get things right. Let Our unity with our Igbo brothers and every other Biafran dins and daughter be inseparable, impenetrable and indestructible.

The enemies of Biafra is already getting the messages; our unity signal is reaching them home and abroad.
Whenever you are sent to protect, secure or safeguard and oil installations in Biafraland SABOTAGE AND DESTROY IT.

I am using this medium to formally inform all the Biafrans in the zoo army, navy, police, air force, or in civil service that 90% of oil well in Biafraland is owned by Hausa/Fulani and their Yoruba conspirators.
Take note that there is no mineral mining field that is owned by any Biafra throughout the north.

Mohamadu Buhari wept after losing to our brother the only supreme great African leader Dr Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan in 2014 general election; Buhari wept because he knew that Jonathan will never renew the oil well license the north is holding. 

Buhari came to power for the soul purposes of renewing the oil licenses for his Islamic Brotherhood and terrorist goons.

You as a Biafran owe it as a duty to millions of dead Biafrans to sabotage all the oil pipelines in Biafraland.

Join hands and stop the oil flow out of Biafra.

Refuse to allow them to breath any air of freedom in our homeland.

by Benjamin Kish
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers
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