There will be no cattle ranch establishment in Igbo land, go and do it in the North – CAN

Christian leaders in South East has called on Buhari’s led Federal Government to reign on the killer Fulani Herdsmen and bring the evil perpetrators to justice.
Speaking today in a peaceful protest rally organized by CAN against the menace of Fulani Herdsmen and related matters, the Chairman Christian Association of Nigeria CAN Enugu State Rt. Rev Christian Obiefuna decried the impunity displayed by the rampaging herdsmen and called for an end to their atrocities.
He also condemned in totality the new education syllabus which merged all religious studies as a subject describing it as unacceptable to Christians.

Below is his full speech;
“1.  Beloved brethren and the good people of Enugu State, today, we have stepped out  from our various churches, business, works  and homes to match through the streets of Enugu to express our deep-felt grievances and pray against the clear intent of the devil against Enugu State, our Christian faith, our Igbo nation, South East and Nigeria in general.
  1. The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Enugu State and indeed, South East are protesting today to condemn in its entirety;
  2. The incessant killing, maiming, raping and even destroying all the sources of the livelihood of our people by the Fulani Herdsmen.DSC_0085
  3. More than 50 people were murdered in cold blood at Nimbo, Uzo Uwani LGA, and this is just to mention but a few, as everybody reports have shown that our people are being killed, raped, houses and crops destroyed in their numbers by Fulani Herdsmen.
  4. The proposed Bill for grazing reserve for Fulani Herdsmen or in any other form is unacceptable to us. It is purely a private business. Let ranches be encouraged in the North. We urge the Federal Government to renege from passing the bill because from the public outcry if passed, will be a source of the major problem in Nigeria.
  • The federal government education syllabus which merged all religious studies as a subject is unacceptable by us as Christian religion was adulterated in its content and application. We insist that each faith base should be allowed to teach their believers according to their doctrine. Nigeria is a secular nation and should be so in all intent. Christian religious knowledge should be allowed to be a distinct subject.
  1. The role of some security personnel in Enugu State and South East who have been encouraging those killing, maiming and destroying the lives and properties of our people is condemnable. They should be brought to book. We thank those who are doing the work accordingly; those should be commended.
  2. We want to thank the good people of Enugu State for their continuous prayers, solidarity and brotherhood in this trial period. We must not relent to watch and pray.
  3. Our prayer must be for peace, progress, unity, the rule of law, forgiveness and protection. Enugu State must be peaceful, progressive and be protected from any evil.
  4. We must commend the governor of Enugu State, His Excellency Rt. Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi for his stewardship. In this period of crisis, he did not abandon his people. We strongly continue to pray and support him. God must hear our prayers.
  5. Brethren today we are saying that those who are behind the killing of our people in the name of cattle rearing should be brought to book. Impunity must stop in Enugu State, South East and Nigerian in general in any form.
  6. We pray that the reign of President Buhari and his team and the reign of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and his team shall bring peace, unity and hope and to the glory of God’s name.
  7. Finally, our peaceful protest rally today is to condemn evil being perpetrated against the Igbo nation, against our people in Enugu, and our Christian faith. We urge all well meaning Nigeria to rise to pray for our country for peace, to pray for our people in Enugu State for consolidation.
The Fulani Herdsmen should stop their impunity and let us live as one Nigeria. Lives cannot be exchanged with cows. Grievances should be treated lawfully. We need peace and such shall reign in Jesus name. Amen.
May God bless Nigeria!
May God bless Enugu State!
May God bless Christian Association of Nigeria!”
Rt Rev. Christian C. Obiefuna

Chairman C.A.N Enugu State.
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