UK and USA, determined to launder Buhari's image
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Any summit on anti-corruption which allows Muhammadu Buhari, the monumentally corrupt Nigerian President to stand and give the keynote address puts a lie to its sincerity and purpose.

The so-called anti-corruption summit hosted by United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, David Cameron has come and gone. But the prominence and visibility given to Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, while it lasted, stinks to high heavens. It makes little sense because Buhari is monumentally corrupt.
Corruption is not only about corruption in western institutions and how it connects with African countries like Nigeria. There is corruption everywhere – in governance, in the electoral process, in the judicial process, even in the management of a country’s resources; and in several other areas. Not only that Buhari is corrupt in his financial transactions, in government and out of it, he has also been proven to be corrupt in those other areas.
This Buhari is the character; and financially corrupt individual who specializes in using fronts to steal money. The case of his wife being named in the Halliburton scandal in the United States of America (USA) is a case in point. Buhari, the treasonable felon and war criminal, was the one who overthrew a democratically elected government, and after that ridiculously jailed some politicians up to 230 years. He also killed some young Nigerians with a retroactive law.
He was the one that took soldiers to a church in Owerri (the now Imo State capital) in 1968 and massacre innocent Biafrans – women, children and the aged – who were taking refuge there. He promised he was going to do worse to Biafrans as President, and has been living up to his words since he became president.
He has used the Army and Police to kill Biafrans; he has used Boko Haram (which he sponsors) to kill them; and now is using Boko Haram who disguise as Fulani herdsmen to commit genocide against Biafrans in their land. At this very moment, Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is still in detention where Buhari is holding him extra-judicially. This was the man Cameron and Obama helped to rig into office in 2015; and this is the man they are laundering his image to the world.
Buhari was the man who, as Nigeria military head of state in 1984, organized the kidnap of Umaro Dikko on British soil and attempted to have him taken to Nigeria in a crate. It took the alertness of British police to stop the crime.
While campaigning for the 2011, he told his followers to kill anybody they could lay their hands on if he lost the election. He lost the election and hundreds of people were butchered to death by his followers.
This character, that should be made to sit down humbly in a corner of the room to listen to more credible and cerebral African leaders like Jerry Rawlings or Thomas Mbeki, or even Kenyan President, is the one Cameron used to deliver the keynote address in his dubious summit in London. Instead of using those mentioned above, Biafrans suspect that Cameron chose to use Buhari, an illiterate school dropout to mock Africa; because he wants to use him for the assignment of invading Biafraland and killing Biafrans. Cameron and Barack Obama of USA, are laundering Buhari’s image for this purpose.
Many reasons were adduced for the hosting of the UK anti-corruption summit with some people claiming it as response to the exposed Panama Papers”. It was said, for instance, that the summit was intended to come up with ways to combat global corruption which now costs the world about £2.5 trillion, and several other reasons. All were just empty words.
Britain is simply playing a game, and the game is to throw Buhari up as an anti-corruption champion. The intended result is to discourage the investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague which is about to charge him for crimes against humanity. The final intended result is to use him to subdue Biafra.
Biafrans are convinced that Britain has concluded plans to supply Nigeria with deadly weapons to fight Biafra as it did between 1967 and 1970, through which it hoped to crush the people once again. The people know that as usual, that Britain would not be supplying the arms directly to Nigeria; it would be doing so through other countries like Afghanistan and Iran.
Biafrans are convinced Obama was in on the plan, which was why John Kerry, his Secretary of State featured prominently at the so-called summit. Cameron and Barack Obama will have to tell the world what it is about Buhari that they are determinedly going about laundering his abominable image to the world. Obama it was, during the last Nuclear Summit, who stunned the world by declaring that Buhari was doing a good, even when Nigerians were groaning under Buhari’s misrule. Even now, Nigerians are still moaning.

No matter what they do, it will not detract from that fact that Buhari is a dictator, an unrepentant mass murderer, a pedophile; a personification of corruption, ethnic/religious bigot, and all other character negatives that the world was not aware of. 
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