Everything in life has it good, bad and the ugly side, one may not know which side of the divide the reader is, but one thing is sure, you did belong.
The name Davide Oluwafemi Adewunmi Abdulateef Fani-Kayode may have been ringing like a bell in the ears of some Nigeria elite, I know him on the pages of the zoo newspapers as a politician, you might know him as a lawyer, others also may have come in contact with him as an essayist, whichsoever area his charisma draws your attention he is a torn in the flesh of anything that goes against his interest.
I remembered seeing him on one of the zoo television in 2001 or there about where he was lambasting Chief Pius Anyim the former Senate president of the Republic of Nigeria, I could not follow to know the reason for his setup upon the third guest political post holder, but i was later informed that he was the spokesperson or special assistant public affairs to Obasanjo government 2003-June 2006. The record has it that he was later made the minister of culture and tourism from June-November 7th 2006. Promoted as minister of aviation by the same government of Olusegun Obasanjo who was then the president as minister of aviation
His criticism of anything or anybody standing in the way of his pay masters may have contributed in paving a way for his rapid political appointments. He did not spare the Igbos in his tongue lashing based on the British unfavourable position they occupy in the zoo called Nigeria. How he suddenly changed to become the only voice in Yoruba land south-west of Nigeria that is vocal against Mohammad Buhari's war against the same Igbos of Biafra to me remains a miracle. He was the one who raised alarm informing the civilised world through the zoo newspapers the plot by Buhari and his northern Nigeria Islamic jihadist to kill millions of Igbos Biafran within one year of his presidency.
FFK, as he is fondly called in social media circles, was not deterred by Lai Mohammed threats to his political career, in fact, I began to take him serious when I went to Kano and Sokoto, right outside the Emirs palace Malam Sanusi the former central bank governor who was there on quarter system, who also destroyed everything Dr Soludo did to revive the zoo financial sector, he fraudulently became the emir of Kano.
Outside his palace as I stated above some northern politicians gathered and was discussing Femi Fani-Kayode, speaking in Hausa native language which I understand to some extent, they agreed that FFK is a northern enemy, they vowed among themselves to do everything they could to shut him up or put him out of circulation.
Fani Kayode

On hearing that, I went to them and informed them that the person they are talking about was the former president Obasanjo henchman, that before they can put him out of circulation that they will have Obasanjo to contend with. 
With a wave of hands, they dismissed my assertion saying that they will destroy him, Obasanjo, if he dares stand on their way to deal with FFK. They have now accomplished their threat, by storming the home of Fani-Kayode. The first letter they sent to him inviting him to EFCC 's office is a dummy sold to his godfather Olusegun Obasanjo; he was barely finish reading the invitation letter when Mr SATAN Mohamadu Buhari sent his Islamic terror to arrest him Fani-Kayode.
Since then, the entire Yoruba so-called voice for House press has gone silence, or dead because their writing pen is broken. It is a shame and woe betide all the Yoruba newspapers if they did not bring down Buhari's government and declare the Oduduwa Republic. The elders of Yorubas led by Tinubu, Richard Akinjide, Obasanjo, all of them shall perish on the corridors of power drunk northern Islamic ruler Mohamadu Buhari if Fani-Kayode remains in the evil detention of EFCC.
He must be released, unconditionally, without further molestations. Senator Femi Okunroumu, the former national conference chairperson, appointed by Dr Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan said, shortly after Buhari came to occupy Aso Rock that the Yorubas will regret voting for Fulani man. One year later the coast is getting clearer, two prominent Yoruba sons were kidnapped and one assassinated, Chief Olu Falae and chief security officer of Oodua Peoples Congress OPC were killed by Buhari's Islamic army.
As Biafrans is being killed according to Fani Kayode's revelation, the Yoruba's are also being killed, as Biafraland is being invaded and contaminated, Yoruba land is being decimated, they are already regretting voting Buhari into power and this is just the beginning of evil planned against the entire southern zoo Nigeria by the Islamic Boko Haram terrorist north led by Buhari.
Femi Fani-Kayode was born in Lagos on the 16th October 1960 to the family of Chief Remilekun Adetukunbo Fani-Kayode. He should be released with an apology by Buhari and his goons EFCC. Femi is regularly speaking out against unjustified 
arrest Of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of indigenous people of Biafra and director of radio Biafra worldwide.

Buhari knows that truth as spoken by Kanu, maxi Alphonsus Uche mefor, the COC of IPOB have destroyed his government and will soon crush Nigeria beyond recognition, he is panicking, seeking for help all over the world, caging innocent men and children becomes his weakest point, he has failed, his army is defeated, he is dangerously dying slowly and will soon collapse.
Fani-Kayode must be strong like our director is, the light will do triumph over SATANIC DARKNESS OF NORTHERN ZOO NIGERIA. Biafra shall come and terror will have no hiding place in Africa. SHALOM.

By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi 
UmuChiukwu Writers
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