BIAFRA Charity they said, always begins at home. Is time to revolt against the Hausa/Fulani Soldiers. The early we realise the plans of our enemies, the early we crush them to save our unborn children. Nigeria has no better plan for the future of Biafrans and is the time we let them be in their country. Biafran soil and its resources need to be protected and there is a need to step up protection. 
Over months now, there has been an uprising of protection from Biafrans over their natural and mineral resources against greedy politicians. The ones of note are Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), Isoko Militant group, Red Egbesu water lion and Egbesu Mightier fraternity of Izon. The militant groups are not killing any innocent civilian like that of Hausa Bokoharam and Fulani herdsmen; they are after the defence of their natural land. The have issued series of warnings to Federal government to release Nnamdi Kanu, Dazuki and others they are illegally detaining. Also to the single oil block illegal operators to hands off from any operation patterning any oil block around Niger Delta.
Oil producing areas Biafra has been threatened with oil spillage, bush/crop destruction, Gas flaring, water poisoning and lack of infrastructure and development. About 90% percent of oil blocs in Biafra is allocated to Hausas/Fulanis and their Yoruba counterpart. The region these oil blocks are located suffers from series inhuman treatments and the Federal government kept dumb about it. What they are after is that no one comes out to talk about it or protest. They promised to develop all areas of these oil producing areas and also empower their youths under then Ex-President Yar' Dua but Buhari government came on board and revoked the agreement. What the youths are left with is peanuts (allowance) for up keeping, which can not even edge them for keeping up family or self-employed. 
Now, the Biafran youths want back what bonds them and no one will stop them from having it. In an attempt to stop them, Federal government is out with her artillery to vanish them from the surface of the earth. Boko Haram has massacred almost fifteen thousand (15, 000) souls since the uproar under Then Ex-President, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Buhari has the plan to hurt them rather; he releases them to go free. The Hausa/Fulani herdsmen brouhaha has taken almost three hundred (300) souls; still Buhari has no plan to curb the atrocities. 
My Biafran soldiers, if Buhari will shed his brothers even in the face of their atrocities, massacre killings and pogroms; is it you that will because of mutiny and rule of operation kill your brothers? Let's call a spade a spade. Blood is thicker than water. If Buhari will have the political will to protect his brothers and sisters in the face of a breach of laws, that means no one has the moral right to despise his blood. If you are sent to any part of the creek to carry out any order of killing, ignore it and save your people to save your homeland Biafra.
Mind you; those boys are equipped with sophisticated weapons and the federal government has no plan to send their own Hausa/Fulani or Yoruba brothers to the creek of Niger Delta just for them to be killed by Niger Delta youths defending their own. I do not wish you same death that took those soldiers that lost their lives at the cost of searching for Biafran youths defending their wealth. But if you fail to protect your own, Chiukwu Okike will not spare you. Protect your homeland Biafra now.
By Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Edited Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers
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  1. The strategy needs to be elevated in sophistication. The cause of the Souh has powerful allies worldwide. Those interests must be organized to intervene and thwart Buharis offensive agenda of giving Fulani reign on the south! The Yoruba must not be antagonized. They have been Muslims in Nigeria but never resorted to such animal atrocities like the disgraceful and backward Fulani. The citizens cannot tolerate such hideous acts in the country as well as Buharis diminishing democracy and rule of law. The citizens must unite to oust Buhari and vote for projects that will advance welfare of the country! The grazing bill must be totally rejected ! The welfare of the country cannot be destroyed for the ambition of rogues!