Ogbonnaya Onu, the face of an Efulefu
By Xylem Chukwubatista
For Biafra Choice Writers

The latest news that came in last May 1, was that Nigerian government have condemned the call for Fulani herdsmen, who had been terrorizing Biafran communities, to leave Biafraland. We consider that reaction from Nigerian government as the joke of the century. Indeed, it is stupidity of the highest order.
The government is being owned and run by Fulani people and their Hausa slaves, and they have severally shown their unwillingness to apprehend and prosecute Fulani murderers that have been terrorizing the people. It was this same government which permitted the murderous Fulani herdsmen to carry AK47, with which they have perpetrated heinous crimes against humanity. How then could such a government condemn the calls by owners of the land for the herdsmen to leave their land? Do those in this government realize that there is something called “trespassing”, a law which the Fulani herdsmen have so insolently breached at will?
This should tell any right-thinking person how much the Biafran peoples have been marginalized by the oppressive Nigerian state, led by the Fulani people and their Hausa slaves. Now, denying the Biafrans protection and then asking them not to speak up for themselves is also denying them their right to freedom of speech.
Most painfully, this message was delivered by one of the lost souls of Biafraland called Ogbonnaya Onu, an “Efulefu” and Nigeria’s minister of Science and Technology (whatever that means). Let’s hear some part of his words on behalf of Nigerian government led by the African Hitler himself, Muhammadu Buhari: “The federal government of Nigerian has condemned calls by some individuals and groups in the South-east geo-political zone for herdsmen to leave the region”
The call is uncalled for as President Muhammadu Buhari has directed relevant agencies to take appropriate actions in halting the killings by suspected herdsmen. This situation is not pleasing to anybody but the federal government is desirous to achieve a peaceful, strong and united nation. The government appeals to south-easterners especially youths not to take laws into their hands as a result of the development. The people should exercise patience, as the president has categorically condemned the herdsmen's actions and directed that no effort should be spared in checking the situation. The Igbos are known globally to be peace loving and abhorrers of violence, as I enjoin them to maintain such virtue”. He spoke at Uburu, Ohaozara local government area of Ebonyi State.
To start with, Nigeria is not a federation and Nigeria is not a nation. Onu should know that there is something called “Self Defence”, and it is different from “taking laws into ones hands. Those taking laws into their hands are Fulani people – starting from their point-man Buhari to the least of them. Buhari did not condemn the herdsmen’s action, and even if he did, we have long gone beyond the level of condemnation.
Now, the question which anybody with common sense should ask is: Is it not appalling that Onu would condemn the call for the murderers to leave, but would not condemn the murderers, or call for their arrest and prosecution? Knowing the coward he was, and how he did not have the courage to say what was necessary, Premium Times helped him by claiming that nobody was sure that they (the murderers) were Fulani herdsmen.
So who were the people that granted license Fulani murderers to be parading the streets and destroying people farms with AK47 rifles? Was it not this same government that would not apprehend and prosecute them? Does that mean the government did not know those it granted licenses to? Apart from their current murderous activities of attacking communities, people have for long complained about them using the AK47 assault rifles to rob, kidnap, and kill innocent people who were unable to meet their demands.
It is on record, all the atrocities these Fulani herdsmen have been committing all over Biafraland. This same Nigerian government has not taken any positive, pro-active step to counter them. Agatu in Benue State was attacked. Government did nothing. Awgu in Enugu State was attacked; Ogbonnaya Onu and his useless Nigerian government did nothing. So also was Ukpabi-Nimbo in Enugu State and several other places; yet they did nothing.

Ogbonnaya Onu, should shut-up if he does not have anything meaningful to say as concerns Fulani herdsmen and their devilish act in Biafraland. Ogbonnaya Onu, is now engaging in Dozie Ikedife’s type of madness. He will soon reap the Ikedife type of treatment, unless he desists from this mad-run.
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