"For one to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others." Nelson Mandela. Nigeria judicial council is very much confused like a drunken monkey, lacks competency, how can sane farmer forget his hoe or matchet while going to farm.  

This is the problem with the Nigerian democracy, where the interference of the executive in judicial matters. Weep not for Kanu, weeps for your confused and deluded generation of ass-licking minions. Why would it take you and your co-conspirators over six months to get a befitting masquerade regalia to enable you to testify against Nnamdi KANU in court? Instead, you lots have been busy spluttering saliva everywhere you go as if you're under terrible epilepsy. "I would rather remain in detention than subject myself to a trial that I know amounts to a perversion of justice." - Nnamdi Kanu, Dec 23, 2015. You should be ashamed of your tribe that none of you loud-mouthed, lily-livered beings dared stand and look Hausa-Fulanis eyeball to eyeball as Kanu did. 

You're of all men most miserable if all you could do is make a living out of Kanu's quest for nationhood. It's a pity you that you and your co-conspirators have not been able to pin him down with all your evil propaganda and jungle justice.- With an extraordinary man like Nnamdi KANU that commands millions of people without money, there is every reason for you and your hypocritical folks to poo in your pants at the mere mention of anything
connected to his name. I know that Nnamdi Kanu is holding BUHARI in their balls. No amount of adjournment can save Nigeria. BUHARI made that mistake of arresting him. 

Nnamdi always has an upper hand against his persecutors. They tried the handcuffs humiliation, but Nnamdi even preferred wearing it and vehemently refused its unlocking until his lawyers intervened; ever since d BUHARI/DSS, and her prison authorities have jettisoned that pattern. They tried frustrating his patience and tenacity by his continuous incarceration despite court granted bails especially as the wife was pregnant, Nnamdi made it clear he is not in a hurry if the 'speed' will pervert justice and since then even BUHARI /DSS zombies are no more talking about long detention. 

They used Rochas Okorocha, who came up with uniting the warring camps of Ohaneze Ndigbo and sent them on a mission to beg d BUHARI, Mr. Kanu made it clear he preferred to die in detention than for the elitist Ohaneze to take credit for his freedom.The enemies then came up with masquerades testifying against him and the court agreed for a screen shield after a hitherto judgment to the contrary by the same judge. Now comes in the Onaiyekan condemnation and for the state to apologize to Citizen Kanu, comes in the visit of the ICC to Nigeria, comes in the Amnesty International report on Nigeria and suddenly a Nigeria court who fixed a date for a matter suddenly could not come up with the case files. 
Kanu went to the Appeal Court because Justice Tsosho having earlier given a judgment against masked witnesses can not euphemistically rephrase it to screened shield witnesses by himself but only an appeal court could adjudicate on that. 

The greatest albatross on the side of the state is that the Radio they spent millions jamming is still broadcasting and even reaching farther horizons with their unadulterated gospel of verifiable facts. The truth is becoming clearer and Nnamdi Kanu being a student of contemporary History understands all these mind game tactics and is patiently coming out top in all. 

Now it appears the BUHARI/DSS is running out with phantom ideas on how to achieve their ill-conceived agenda; oñe can only wish the Hero of modern day self-determination campaign the best in his temporary setbacks because the test will, in the end, become a testimony. I still wonder why Nnamdi Kanu is giving Nigeria stress. This man must have some great potentials in him. In fact, he is mightier, stronger, powerful, influential than Buhari. He is a hard nut to crack. Imagine, BUHARI seeking for secret trial for Kanu. I sense fear, cowardice... Kanu will prevail, and Biafra will be restored. All Hail Biafra. 

Ezekwereogu John 
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu writers
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