A newly formed Nigerian Niger Delta militia group, the “Niger Delta Avengers,” has carried out its threats to wreak havoc country’s economy by blowing up oil and gas pipelines.
The latest attacks on pipelines occurred 24 hours after a major destruction was carried out on Chevron’s platform at Escravos.
In a statement signed by its spokesperson, Mudoch Agbinibo, and made available to the press on Friday, May 6, 2-16, the group  claimed responsibility for blowing up “crude line feeds that links Warri and Kaduna refineries respectively”.
The militancy group also claimed to have damaged  the gas line that feeds the Lagos and Abuja electricity power supply. “With this development, the Warri and Kaduna refineries will be shut down and all cities that depend on the gas line for power will all be in total darkness like the creeks of the Niger Delta,” the group said.
The group added that on Thursday,  its Strike Team 7  blew up Well D25 in Abiteye. The well is a  major gas facility owned Chevron. The team  also blew up major pipelines in  Alero, Dibi, Otunana and Makaraba flow stations, which  feed the Chevron tank farm, putting it out of operation. Currently, Chevron’s operations  in the Niger Delta have been totally  disrupted.

The group boasted that it is undeterred by ‎heavy military presence in the area. It said it carried out the bombing about 100 meters away from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) pipeline, where a military houseboat is stationed to protect the pipelines.
“We want you public to know that despite the heavy presence of military operatives, our activities can’t stop and it just waste of funds and time to let the Nigerian military protect oil installations,”the group bragged.
Mudoch Agbinibo, the Niger Delta Avengers spokesperson, warned  the people of the Niger Delta against undermining the group’s agenda  “This is a clear warning to all Niger Delta politicians, traditional rulers, community leaders and the likes of Tompolo to mind their business and leave the liberation of the Niger Delta people to the Avengers.
“Those who believe  taking sides with the federal government to fight Niger Delta is the best option,  Avengers are here on the ground.  Neither you nor the federal government can stop us. If you don’t stay clear and let us carry out our activities, we will bring the fight to your individual doorsteps. Our major goal is to cripple the Nigeria economy,” the statement declared.
Agbinibo also called on all Niger Deltans to attack  oil installations in their  communities and urged them to see the war as theirs.
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  1. Wonderful! this is really the beginning of the END.... The zoo is finished for real.