A call for the arrest, prosecution in the competent courts of law of these criminally negligent security officials has been made.
This is following the scandalous disclosures by the Enugu State's Chief Security Officer and the governor of Enugu State Mr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.
Ugwuanyi said that all security agencies in the state were aware of the mass killings of Nimbo people in Enugu State several hours before the armed Fulani herdsmen struck but did nothing to stop it.
A pro-democracy non-governmental organisation -Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria  (HURIWA ) made the call in a statement signed jointly by the National Coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko and the National Media affairs Director Miss Zainab Yusuf.
It also endorsed the decision of the Enugu State government to set up a judicial commission of inquiry into the remote and immediate causes of the genocide in Uzo Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State by armed Fulani herdsmen recently. 
HURIWA has therefore asked the Enugu State governor to ensure that the judicial panel is not used to grant safe landing to the security officials who colluded with the anarchists to undertake the terrorism acts against Enugu State people.
HURIWA said it has prevailed on partner organisations and prominent Non -Governmental individuals to exercise restraints and not proceed with the threat to file a petition on the matter before the International Criminal Court in The Hague Netherlands for prosecution.
The prosecution sought is over crimes against humanity of top Nigerian Security Commanders.
Until 21 working days after the judicial probe in Enugu is activated and evidence emerge that it is a smokescreen, then we will proceed to the International Criminal Court. 
HURIWA spoke on why all the security commanders of the Armed Forces posted to Enugu State must be arrested and prosecuted for criminal negligence or conspiracy to perpetrate crimes against humanity.
It said there are clear handwriting on the walls showing ominous signs that these Enugu based Security chiefs knew much more than the rest of us.
This they have to explain before the competent judicial forum for their spectacular collusion advertently or inadvertently with genocidal elements masquerading as Fulani herdsmen who committed the grave crime against humanity in Enugu State in the South East of Nigeria.  
HURIWA said the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari must not be seen to be playing any surreptitious role of cover up of this dastardly crime against Enugu State.
He must fire with immediate effect the Enugu State Commissioner of Police;  the State Director of DSS; State Director of Nigeria Civil Defence and all the military commanders responsible for Enugu and South East.
These stood by and allowed this gruesome and despicable crime against humanity to take place in Enugu State.
The Rights group warned that failure to let top security heads to roll could be interpreted to mean that President Muhammadu Buhari is as guilty as those Enugu based Security chiefs who looked the other way and let in the armed Fulani terrorists to unleash violence on Enugu State. 
HURIWA affirmed thus:
 " We recall vividly a verifiable narrative rendered by the Enugu State governor in which he poetically stated how all the  relevant security chiefs in Enugu went to sleep and allowed armed marauders to invade the farming community of Nimbo on Monday April 25, 2016 and unleashed monumental violence which is unprecedented in scale and primitive in dimensions of harm and destruction and bloodshed in which many of our brothers and sisters in Nimbo in Uzo Uwani Local Government Area of the state were murdered in cold blood by suspected Fulani herdsmen who have been grazing their cattle in that area for a while now".
HURIWA recalled that governor of Enugu State in the exercise of his constitutional role as the custodian of security of lives and property of the citizenry of Enugu State had convoked a security parley a night before the carnage that was precisely On Sunday, April 24, 2016, by 7 pm, the night before this carnage took place, when the Enugu State Chief Executive got security information from Uzo-Uwani Local Government transition Chairman, Hon. Cornell Onwubuya that such an incident was likely to take place in the state".
The Rights group said it was unpardonable and indeed an unparalleled crime of collusion and conspiracy of the highest order.
It is that all the relevant security chiefs got the detailed information of imminent attacks some clear hours before the planned genocide in Enugu.
However, they decided to allow the mass murderers to commit their horrendous crime before they (armed security agents) rushed belatedly to the scenes of the carnage after the criminal violence have already been unleashed and the mass murderers allowed several hours to disappear.
Only after then did this incompetent bunch of armed Nigeria security operatives showed up and the loud mouthed Inspector General of Police Mr Solomon Arase also dramatically visited the victims to get cheap media publicity glitz. 
These crimes must not be swept under the carpets of impunity. Enough is enough!
Emmanuel Onwubiko

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