Fulani cattle approaching a farm
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

There have been stories of herbivores devastating farmlands in Biafraland. This must be dealt with once and for all. There have also been stories of alien invaders, who drive these herbivores around, descending on towns and communities and snuffing life out of innocent, peace-loving residents. This also must be dealt with.
This is the time when people must safeguard their crops and their lives by any means necessary. As long as that means is legitimate Biafrans must devise it and implement it. Where means are provided, as we have done in this article, they must grab it with both hands and implement.
There have been arguments as to whether the drivers of these herbivores are Fulani herdsmen or not; and whether the herbivores are their cattle. But all that do not matter at this moment in time. What is important is that farms are being destroys by animals (herbivores) and we must stop it; solutions must be found.
The first solution should be to stop the herbivores, and the way the people must do this is simple. They should purchase “snuff” – the type of tobacco in powder form that people inhale through their noses. The people should spray the snuff on the leaves of their crops. Any time these herbivores chew those leaves, they will die within minutes. Once this is done, the drivers of the animals (herbivores) will take their wicked animals away from that vicinity. Nobody will be accused of killing anyone’s animal.
The people of Onitsha in Anambra State are said to have applied this remedy in the past to clear their land from evil herbivores, and it worked. Biafrans from other lands should do well to apply the same remedy.
Fulani people put a village to flight
There have been stories of cattle owned by Fulani people, trespassing into people’s farms and destroying their crops and farms. Some people have argued against it claiming that no one could prove whether the devastation was done by Fulani owned cattle or any other type of herbivore. But this remedy solves that problem for the people, because it would not be targeting any group of people – be it Fulani or alien invaders – it would only be targeting herbivores that destroy farms. There is no law against people safeguarding their farms from herbivores.
Another related problem is that Fulani herdsmen have been accused of taking laws into their hands. They do not only carry guns (AK47) around, they also get into peoples’ towns and villages to butcher and annihilate them with the aim of taking their lands for grazing their cattle. The government has not been able to stop them, either from carrying assault rifles around or from murdering entire villages.
This is why the people must not continue to wait on government to perform its primary duty of protecting them. They should get into self-defense mode, which is not against the law. Sometimes, their women have been raped; their people robbed, kidnap or even killed at will. These onslaughts from Fulani herdsmen has forced people away from their farms. They are the only group of Nigerians that carry guns around without being challenged by law enforcement agents, or arrested, or prosecuted, or jailed. They are a law unto themselves – typically Janjaweed of Sudan fame.
While arming themselves in any way possible, the people should start organizing themselves and protesting from their towns and villages to their local government headquarters. They should also have wider consultations and organizations to protest from local governments to the state government headquarters, and then from the states to Abuja.

While they are doing this, the media – especially the social media – should be carried along. This is necessary to keep the whole world on notice as they embark on their self-defense. It will tie government’s hands from persecuting them as they are planning to do with the chief Islamist and Adolf Hitler of our time, Muhammadu Buhari, at the helm. To keep wicked Islamist away from our land is a task that must be done!
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