Buhari planning on stealing from Biafraland again
By Xylem Chukwubatista
For Biafra Choice Writers

A lot of people will have different meanings for the verb "Foolisness", but according to my dictionary, ‘Foolishness’ is the act of behaving silly (unwise.)
But to further explain the word: foolishness is when President Muhammadu Buhari of the false ‘Federal Republic of Nigeria’, also known as Zoological Republic of Nigeria, comes out boasting that “I will destroy Niger Delta militants and send them to the grave where they belong". This was information from an online publication, Buhari made the boast in reaction to recent destruction of pipelines by militants of the Niger Delta.
For any rational being, such statement from a so-called president will certainly elicit some questions. For instance:
a) Who are these Niger Delta militants and why is the president issuing such a threat?
b) Are these militants a threat to his administration, if yes, how?
c) Has Niger Delta militants claimed the lives of people, both innocent souls just like Buhari’s well-known agents of destruction – Boko Haram of the Northern Nigeria – had done. For the avoidance of doubt, Buhari is a founder and patron of Boko Haram.
It is common sense, the notion that some Niger Delta militants, who now go with a new name – Niger Delta Avengers – are not terrorists or vampires that go looking for innocent people to kill just like Buhari’s boys, Boko Haram. The Avengers are unarguably freedom fighters.
They are a collection of youths who were shoved aside from benefiting from the resources in their land, and denied normal livelihood unlike what youths from the North and Western parts of the so-called free Nigeria enjoy. These are people whose communities generate the oil Nigerian government uses to enrich peoples of the North and Western parts of the country. Even agents of British government have wickedly benefited from the oil in their land as British ships constantly ferry millions of barrels of crude oil to Europe without any metering.
These militants are not fighting for their selfish interests like most people are do; they are fighting for the survival of their people; their heritage; and their ecosystem. They are fighting for children who cannot eat a full day’s meal out of their God-given resources in their land. The Avengers are saying that enough is enough and that Northerners and Westerners (Fulani and Yoruba people) will not continue to feed fat over their resources while they the owners starve. They are refusing to accept a country where 95 per cent of the oil blocs in their land belong to these peoples while they take a paltry five per cent.
Foolishness is thinking that you can beat a child and expect him not to cry. It is equally foolishness thinking that you will eat your cake and still expect that you will see again to eat. Foolishness is thinking that you can act on the wrong side of law thinking that you will obtain the same cohesion you had in the past, even if Barack Obama, outgoing President of the United States of America (USA); and David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain is urging you on. Put differently, it is foolishness planning to go to war on the basis of Nigeria, which is an expired country, and expecting to obtain the same kind of cohesion you obtained in the past.

Nigeria has lived out its hundred years of useless existence, which was allocated to it by its creator, Fredrick Lugard in 1914. It is therefore the height of foolishness for Buhari to attempt going to war on the basis of One Nigeria. Very soon he will discover that he is foolishly standing alone.
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