The special adviser to the President, Femi Adesina recently released a statement positing that the loss of presidential ticket by President Jonathan was the cause of the IPOB protest for the restoration of Biafra. This statement accredited to you is a blatant exposure of your moronic thinking and unguarded desperation to keep your job.

Ordinarily it would not have bothered me to react to this your statement because I as a person know this fact that you are simply seeking to be noticed but at the same time I thought it wise and necessary to help those that could be deceived by your statement understand the truth

I will start by making you and the world know that Buhari did not win the 2015 General Election just as President Jonathan did not loose, the Election was widely rigged for Buhari to emerge as the winner. 
My points are as follows;

1. Professor Jega knew the degree of error in the card readers that led to the disenfranchisement of many especially in the East and part of the West

2. APC won as a result of conspiracy, the West especially the US and the UK never wanted President Jonathan because he refused to dance on with them on the issue of gay marriage, so what happened, America helped to rig the Election for Buhari, again because APC is exactly the replica of the Muslim Brotherhood with serious Islamic agenda, Tinubu dragged the Yorubas into an unholy alliance with the Northerners

3. The results announced in Kanu State in favour of APC is completely a magic result that is the main rigging point. It might interest you to know that the INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner in that state Kanu together with his family were said to have died in a fire outbreak in their home just immediately after the result was announced. Please help us know why this family had to die that way because this man was in possession of the true result but his death now made it impossible to follow it up in the court of law

4. President Jonathan was wise because he saw that all arrangements were set to bring the country on fire, he saw it that Buhari was ready to make good his threats but as a Christian and true Democrat, he declared that his political ambition is not worth the blood of Nigeria people so he gave in and allowed the power hungry tyrant to take over
Jonathan could have stopped the whole elections at that point when the card reader rejected him and his wife. Please be corrected, Buhari never won the election and Jonathan never lost, he won.

Mr Adesina also opened his God-given mouth to say that Buhari is a true Democrat who has been upholding democratic values, at this point I want to believe that you were a bit tipsy when you were talking to PUNCH newspaper, now that you are in good shape, I would like you to find out for yourself how many Yoruba men and women were killed, maimed and imprisoned by this vampire you are praising now, when you tell yourself the true answer then you will see that your kinsmen would require apologies from you, that is on the account of his military dictatorship now looking at his present regime, is it not a bit of madness to regard a man that is known all over the globe as dictator, a president who does not respect court orders but would always go to court to seek jail sentences for his enemies no matter how innocent they may be. 

This man you are praising does not forgive; Dasuki is only paying for his indebtedness to him especially as it relates to his involvement in the Babangida's coup that pushed him out of office. If Buhari is ready to fight corruption he will arrest Tinubu, Obasanjo, Babangida, FashiolFashola, Amaechi and many other thieves including himself, he should also open the Halliburton scandal

It is a known fact that when a president surrounds himself with "bimbo's heads", it will certainly fail just as Buhari has failed in the area of media management which you are responsible for. You failed to advise the President very well on media issues, you have told him to go ahead spending billions of naira on cyber war with radio Biafra, all you can tell him is to spend Nigerians money on trying to block radio Biafra transmission. That is a wrong advice because no matter the amount of naira you spend you can not stop radio Biafra and one of the dictates of wisdom is that a man should avoid any battle he will not win. Biafra is an ideology and a spirit; so stop spending money on trying to block radio Biafra because you will always fail again and again.

Dear Mr Adesina, I am certain that if you bend down, you will see better ways of protecting your job than to make yourself seemingly lunatic just to please your employer
You have to be careful in praise singing.

By Chukwuka Fidelis
Edited and Published
By Uchechi Collins
For IPOB Writers
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