The whole story about the abduction of Chibok Girls is riddled with irritable inconsistencies. Pillorying, labelling and shouting down those asking uncomfortable questions will not close the gaping holes.
No amount of bandwagonist dramatization of empathy can make these inaccuracies go away. More tellingly, no one knows why the French, British and American security forces that came to support rescue operations departed at such notice, without an announcement. What did they discover? Did we ask?
There is no doubt that an abduction of schoolgirls happened in Chibok, but the circumstances surrounding that incident are very questionable, and remain so.
Many believe that the abductions were politically orchestrated by the then political opposition actors. The presidential pampering, and the ‘strange’ manner FG has managed affairs concerning Boko Haram terrorists since May 2015, reinforces this suspicion.
Recent events reveal clear desperation to devise an exit strategy to the whole abduction hullabaloo, but Nigerians are watching every move.
Without unravelling this Chibok mystery, answering the hard questions naysayers are asking, and searching for the uncomfortable truths underlying this story, the deep lines of political division and regional mistrust shall never be erased.
May it never be true that Nigeria scammed the entire world as was the case in Iraq’s alleged weapon of mass destruction.

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