Backing the determination, doggedness, and willpower with which Biafrans are fighting for their freedom as supported by the United Nations charter, In a recent statement released by our director, Nnamdi Kanu which states that we have restored Biafra without a gunshot using only our arsenal comprising of Intellectual bullets and bombs.

That we have lost millions of brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles in the struggle for freedom and it is the more reason why we won't rest until our victory is perfected, the blood of our heroes past will not be shed in vain. Instead, we will shed ours also if need be, to ensure that those we lost in the fight are not lost in vain. Nnamdi Kanu, who have been in prison since October 2015 for embracing freedom of speech and demanding Biafra, our hero who was denied freedom for refusing to sign off Biafra, in his recent statement said;

"...I have chosen death; I shall die for Biafra and let my death give my generation a better life, let my death be a guarantee for a better future, let my death be your smile and let my death end your marginalization, subjugation, slavery, and tears."

When I read the above, tears dropped from my eyes Instantly, I took the same oath so are other hardcore Biafrans. Biafra is a course all Biafran's are determined to die for, its better to die to fight for freedom than to live as a slaves, What pride do you have to live as a citizen of a country for over 50years no Democratic President has to emerge from Biafraland the only one that managed to get there was forcefully removed in a massively rigged election by the APC northern politicians.

What pride do you have to live as a citizen of a country where you are treated as captives of war? What pride do you have to live as a citizen of a country where you are not just marginalized, but killed as though you are less than slaves, killed for protesting peacefully, killed for your faith, killed for progressing economically, etc.? My grandmother said; "He who has nothing to loose has nothing to fear" As it stands, Biafrans have nothing to loose because we have lost it all and only cowardice will make us quiet in a situation like this, but thank God we are not cowards. That's why we are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to gain our freedom.

Under the watch of Buhari's government, emboldened Fulani herdsmen have gone on a killing spree across the country while the president has remained mute. What has been the most dangerous is the open collusion between the DSS, Nigerian army and the herdsmen in what amounts to aiding and abetting genocide against other citizens. The herdsmen are openly bearing offensive assault weapons in violation of all statutes without any harassment from the security services. That the security services always remain mute and makes no arrest when herdsmen massacre people in communities across Nigeria is also well known.

I was shocked when 76 young men were arrested in Awgu by military personnel and handed over to the police because they mobilised to protect themselves against herdsmen, and when it was reported that some Fulani herdsmen had been kidnapped in Abia state, and DSS issued a press release within 2 days claiming to have found the corpse of the herdsmen and alleging that IPOB was responsible for slaying them, it became obvious that not only was the army and DSS aiding and abetting the herdsmen, it also became obvious by their press release that they intended to incite a reprisal attack and possibly a pogrom. 

The details divulged by the Governor of Enugu state following the recent Uzo-Uwani massacre by Fulani herdsmen indicated again that the security services had prior knowledge of the attack but refused to act. These incidents do not in any way suggest the unity that this government pretends to foster, though we already made it clear that we can't live together with these animals. When a president suspiciously keeps mute and security organisations go out of their way to irresponsibly collude with terrorists on tribal grounds and issue inciting violence, it underscores the fact that the aim is to aid the massacre of Biafrans.

Nigeria, this time, can not survive another war. The nation has thus far survived in a fragile union because political and security elites are yet to go openly into a retreat and thus openly back or aid secession; an action that is underway. With the Fulani massacres in Uzo-Uwani and the kind of irresponsible incitement to ethnic violence by DSS and Buhari’s conspiratorial silence, Nigeria will surely not survive our push for freedom with or without war.

Written by Ken Pat
Edited and Published By Uchechi Collins
For IPOB Writers
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