When the indigenous people of Biafra took to the street for the release of their leader, Nnamdi KANU  Radio Biafra Director,  We tagged them losers and jobless miscreants this remarks even came from high profile personalities such as Obasanjo and Gowon.  Some believed that their protest will die a natural death as usually seen in many parts of the country,  but that’s where we got it wrong, for so long the dust have been gathering  and noises abroad  now Biafra is on the lips of everyone  even the president always remark on his resolve to hold our unity above his life signifying that the heat is reaching him.
I took to research a little on why this people are resolute to further their cause despite the human abuses often given to them by the Nigeria arm forces.  From there I came to understand this fact about them,  they have one thing that Nigeria seriously lacks ,  what could had make this country a place to be admired

It’s not gainsaying that Nnamdi KANU leadership quality is a topnotch to compare with all the present or past political office holder in Nigeria
To test your patriotic beliefs let me ask this question
Can you Die for Your Country or A leader?
No sane Nigerian would want to lay down his life for any leader in this kind of country even when paid with huge some of cash especially from the southern Nigeria.  But Nnamdi KANU broke this jinx,  hence whether dead or alive is a hero and a leader to be Recon with.  Before then I imagine things like
How did he get it right while seasoned politicians met their pitfalls
What has kept the agitation going even while his presence is not felt among them?
What kind of inspiration or motivation  could he have planted in the minds of his followers that we haven’t come across before?

With this on my mind I came to understand from the trend of history and the new Biafra agitation that Nnamdi KANU leadership skills are far different from what I’ve seen in Nigeria leaders. 
A leader is some who should inspire others and match words with actions.  From the view of things who in IPOB wouldn’t want to die for Biafra or her leader when the said leader has laid down his life for his people and what they believed.  In Christianity this was exactly what our Celebrated Jesus Christ did. 
How many leaders in Nigeria have this kind of qualities even right from the ruling class presently?
Everyone in this country ( “zoo”  as often called by Biafrans) knows that Nigeria right now is on a path of doom,    it’s not a thing of joy to remember the good old days when patriotism and love for our fatherland supersedes all ambitions of any political office holder, 
Nigeria a country blessed with huge human and natural resources in Africa  is on a verge of Disintegrating due to high ethno-bigotry affiliation and religious clashes ruthless wickedness inform of high grade corruption.
Right now sanity is lost and politics rely on who you know and how manipulative you can be.  Installation of stooges and partisanship have been on the hike,  corruption in high places are celebrated while poverty ransack every nooks and crannies of the society.
Nigeria with over 170million population and once a the fastest growing economy is is now nosediving into huge recession of no recovering
How did we get this far?

In order not to derail I will be taking the giant stride to say that Nigerians have never been lucky. In leadership,  from the days of Obasanjo to this Buhari led government you will notice a recycling of politicians.  This politicians are only out for one purpose – The Eat, To Steal and to Embezzle our funds,
I have been asking this Questions time without counting ” where are the leaders of tomorrow?  When will the leaders emerge? 
In many prosperous Nations, Leadership  is all about servant hood and service to populace but revers is the case in Nigeria

Love him or hate him one thing I admire about this lad is his boldness, courage and awesome leadership qualities to defend what he believes  in.  his affair with the Buhari led government have kept Alot of tongue wagging on how hateful and inciting his utterances has been towards Nigeria, some have condemned him with death sentences in their heart but what we can’t deny is that presently,  their isn’t a leader like him in Nigeria,  his arrest and incarceration by the feds and the uproar it has gained have shown us that truly A good name is better than riches or gold!

There has never been a politician present or dead who can command the type of influence and attention this Young man had achieve even while in detention.
For a typical southerner to be  ready and willing to give his or her life for someone and a cause like the release of her leader without any lobbying ,  such a leader mustn’t be toyed with.
To Nigerian leaders I advise you to take a cue from The Indigenous people of Biafra Leader Nnamdi KANU.

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