Today millions of Biafrans from all over Nigeria gathered at Nkpor in Anambra State to pay homage and tribute to the fallen heroes in Biafra land but in the usual manner the event was decorated with the gruesome murder of over  25 innocent men and women of Biafra land by the murderous military and police force of the zoological Republic of Nigeria.

One may be forced to ask if the millions of Biafrans that peacefully gathered unarmed to be pay tribute to our fallen heroes at Nkpor were unaware of the consequences, is it that the Biafrans did not understand that gathering at Nkpor for the heroes day celebrations,  Is it that the Biafrans do not remember how wicked and blood   thirsty Buhari is? Is it that the Biafrans do not know that the sitting governors in Biafra land are cowards and sycophants? The simple answer to these questions is "No".We know that when we com out they will kill us despite the fact that we are peaceful and non-violent. We understand that very well that the US and the UK do not care about our lives, we understand that Willie Obiano, a stupid drunk would value a bottle of beer more than our lives but one thing remains sacrosanct, to us the Biafrans it is either we have this freedom or we perish fighting for it.

Today the 30th of May 2016 at Nkpor, Buhari has ordered his hunters to kill over 25 Biafrans for him and that order was carried out to the extent that the military also took away their bodies to only God knows where probably for Buhari to eat their flesh and drink their blood as well.

What evidence do we need again to confirm that Nigeria is a zoo that is also managed by a carnivorous animal,  All these things happening in Nigeria cannot happen in the UK neither can it happen in the US yet the two western governments have fully given their supports for it to happen here in Nigeria.

Is it not a barbaric idea to think that by continuously killing innocent Biafrans,the demand for freedom will be abandoned? Is it not foolishness on the side of the Nigerian Government to resort to killing and maiming to intimidate Biafrans as an effective means of resolving the Biafra problem? The desire to be free is irrepressible, it will be better that the story of massada repeats itself in Biafra land than to end the quest for freedom. Biafrans cannot afford to disappoint the souls of millions that have died in the course of this struggle.

There would be no justification for backing out after all the killing of over 250 Biafrans in Uzo-uwani in Enugu State did not happen during heroes day celebrations, it didn't happen during Biafran protest, but these innocent people were in deep sleep when they massacred by the agents of Muhammadu Buhari. It then means that as long as you are Biafran whether you come out or not you will be killed whenever Buhari wants.

Therefore,  it is necessary that we either get this freedom or die seeking for it. What we do not know is the number of Biafrans Buhari and his murderous western allies will kill to be convinced that Biafra must be restored. It is on this note that I urge Buhari and his allies to prepare very well to kill all the Biafrans because if one Biafran is left alive, Biafra will be restored and justice will be done because no one Biafran life will be lost for nothing. ALL HAIL BIAFRA.

Written by Chukwuka Fidelis
Edited by Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writer
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