Every child is born with a peculiar Deoxyribonucleic Acid and Ribonucleic Acid, otherwise known as DNA and RNA. It contains nitrogenous bases or elements, called genes. Doubts of paternal or maternal linkage are easily detected through close observation of the genes subjected to a laboratory test by medical experts. Findings are usually undisputable due to its natural linkages.
Modern day discoveries have shown that the BIAFRANS HAVE THE COMMON DNA. For example, the children born to Moses by an Ethiopian woman have been discovered to be Jews, and are Fallasher Jews in Ethiopia. The government of Benjamin Netanyahu has being airlifting them back to Israel for the past 20 years.
Not only in Ethiopia but also the Russian Jews, European Jews and American Jews are being persuaded by Netanyahu's government to be airlifted back to Israel and those that are prepared and willing are returning en masse. The DNA of every core Biafran is Heebos, Eri, Aleri, Igbo, etc. Having established themselves in this part of the world and occupying a vast area called the Biafraland does not alienate them from their ancestral father GAD: the seventh son of Jacob named warrior amongst his twelve sons. The DNA of the 21st century Biafrans has scientifically proven to tow the line of their ancestors. They are not only aggressive in science and technology but also aggressive in war and manufacturing of weapons of warfare without the aid of external body.
First identity of Biafrans is that they are God's CHOSEN NATION called CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA the creator of all things and the maker of man. Every Biafran is (1) THE APPLE of God's EYES (2) THE ORACLE of God's SPIRIT (3) THE SWORD of God's TONGUE. (4) THE WEAPON of God's warfare. (5) THE BATTLE AXE in God's hands. (6) THE LIGHT of God on earth, and (7) A CARRIER of God's divine mandate who will establish his KINGDOM ON EARTH. Proper interpretation of all the above qualities is by observing the characteristics of any Biafran seen on the streets, associate with or cohabit with, identifying him or her is unmistakable in all aspect of human endeavour.
The Biafrans are peaceful by nature, their hospitality is incomparable, they are accommodating, industrious in agriculture, trade and industry. Do not be deceived by their losses in terms of humans, money and material resources in the contraption called Nigeria and in the bloody hands of Islamic JIHADIST, paedophiles, and illiterate and SATAN incarnate in the zoo Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari. It is a divine chastisement from above and guess what, those nations through whom the Biafrans are punished shall be destroyed by the same God who used them to punish his Chosen ones the BIAFRANS.
Ask the British government why they chose to work with Biafrans than the Islamic Hausa/Fulani stone brains. Core Biafran hardly marry a strange woman, but men from all over the world are falling on one another trying to marry a Biafran woman so as to have a child whose blood is linked to BIAFRAN NATION.
By Benjamin Kish Edited By Oghenevwe Onoriode
Published by Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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