Indigenous people of Biafra: we are looking for elegant and flamboyant writers who are ready (at all times) to explain to the world the reasons for, and the true virtues of Biafra.

1.            Are you in a position and willing to contribute, at least, one article a per day for Biafra media?
2.            Are you a journalist/writer; burning with passion and willing to destroy Nigeria with your writing?
3.            Do you have history, intelligence information, and truths you think can make the world see the true essence of a free Biafra? or
4.            Do you want write anonymously?

We are looking for you.

But we are not looking for fair-whether journalists who are only interested in the glamour of the profession. We are not looking for those who will drop their contact and disappear. We are looking for people who will chase the restoration of Biafra with us; not people we will chase to come and do their duty for fatherland.
God have called us from our different vocations and professionalism to do this work. Some have died, some have sustained injuries, some have spent fortunes, etc., join us and contribute your own quota. Email us with your contact at: [email protected]

You are welcome.
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