People keep complaining about the untold hardship and the uncomfortable present situations in the zoo-Nigeria. Well for me, I am not and will never ever be surprised, because Nigeria is another Egypt of old in the Bible. When Pharaoh refused to release the children of Israel, Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama visited him with different types of plague. He made his Egyptian citizens to suffer his disobedience, but at last, he has no choice other than to let go of Israelites.
It's quite interesting that history is repeating itself in the contraption called zoo-Nigeria. The Pharaoh of our time, Muhammadu Buhari has turned out his ears, violating the commands of Chiukwu-Abiama which he will soon regret. I am not and cannot sympathies with this present Philistine called Muhammadu Buhari, but am only sympathizing his followers, because it will get to them, just as it's affecting them today. The federal republic of the zoo-Nigeria has confirmed the present administration as the worst administration ever since independence.
The zoo-Nigeria, has been in turmoil since the present administration took over power. Things that really happened has become the order of the day, people are stagnated, people are crying because of the situation of things, dollar rise has remain constant, petroleum has become scarce, killings here and there, political clash, high price in all stuffs. Well I will not regret to say that this is just the beginning as long as Pharaoh Buhari's heart is still hardened. The Pharaoh of old, hardened his heart till the most deadly plague befell them. Pharaoh Buhari has come to repeat history, but he will see the most deadly plague, and here will have no place to hide.
This plague will not only befall Buhari, but the entire zoo-Nigeria. It's time the zoo-Nigerian citizens beginning to rise to their responsibility, because, this rain will fall on every roofs of zoo-Nigeria. Delay, they say is dangerous. It's better zoo-nigerians starts doing something about this or they will regret to cry had I known at last. The earlier Nigerians retrospects, the better for them all. Pharaoh Buhari it's time to realize that God wants to use you to repeat history, it's either you let Biafra and her people go, or you pay with your blood.
The monkey is old, and can die at anytime, so it's let for his followers to correct and put him in order, otherwise, their sins and atrocities will find them out. For zoo-Nigeria to escape this impending danger and disastrous plague, Pharaoh must let Biafra go. Either by kind or by force and violence. Britain must know that this danger will not spell them for any reason. So they should also be ready to be doomed. FREEDOM FOR THE REPUBLIC OF BIAFRA IS ALL WE ASK.
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