The continued massacre and murdering of Biafrans by Buhari's army and police should be a concern to anybody who has sanity and respect for law and human life. When has self determination become a crime? Has the world become political about the issue of Biafra or should Biafrans continue to be killed by this assassins of Buhari in the guise of army and police? Hence, Pictures Of Two IPOB members: Michael Nweke & Peter Chukwuma Nwankwo Shot, Abducted, Murdered & Dumped At Onitsha General Hospital By Soldiers Of Onitsha Military Cantonment On 17th Of December 2015. 

They Were Discovered In January 2016. Others Are Still Missing remains a threat to human rights organizations all over the world , if they will keep silent and continue to observe until things gets out of hand. Is human life not worth anything again? Is Biafra self determination not right again? For how long should we continue to suffer and enslaved in this contraption called nigeria by the hausa/fulani led BUHARI army and police? Several of Biafrans lives has been murdered and cut short because of agitating for what is their right. This young promising men are victims of this buhari's evil ways of killing biafrans. 

But even in the face of all these wickedness, Biafrans will never be defeated because our mandate is divine, it is shameful that the hausa/fulani herdsmen, boko haram terrorists are all protected by the law while self determination by Biafrans is against the law in this contraption called nigeria. The reason why Biafra will come is because all this atrocities is meant to strengthen us and thus make us more determined in pursuing this course. Nnamdi KANU who has been made a prisoner of conscience is still on the right path and Biafrans all over the world are unanimously behind him and will be with him till the very minute Biafra restoration will be Restored. 

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The more BUHARI's agents of destabilization kills us the more stronger we will become and even our formidability will be made something to reckon on by others who are willing to trade this same path to freedom from every slavery entanglement. Buhari's quest to islamise Biafrans has seen it in his brutality in killings of Biafrans and afterwards their bodies thrown out and abandoned in hospitals and public places. Will this act of inhumanity continue as the international body has resorted to keeping quiet while buhari's aim of brutally killing of Biafrans continue? Let God of heavens bear us witness on this continued inhumane treatment Biafrans has been met with because it is only making the struggle more serious and determined and Biafrans in turn will remain resolute and formidable , Nnamdi Kanu is a hero and his ideology on calling nigeria a zoo has been justified and will remain justified forever. 

Nigeria is a zoo where law is never upheld, terrorists walk free and untouched but unharmed peaceful protesters are killed and jailed for agitating for self determination, Where else can this type of things happen if not in a zoo as corrupt as the British nigeria. Which government will kill its citizens and litter their bodies everywhere, gross human abuse is the culture so much upheld and shown in high esteem as a way of life in the zoo. Nobody will stop Biafra Restoration no matter what. 

Ezekwereogu John
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu writers
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