Nnamdi Kanu's continued detention and eventual release has sparked the restoration of Biafra. The rate at which nigeria is currently languishing in abject economic woes is alarming but this is owned to the fact that the fulani/hausa led government have so made this already cursed country a place where corruption is legal and upheld, in fact you are a hero in the evil contraption called nigeria if you are corrupt, if you say the truth you are looked at as a devil and in this regards they plan your hurt or a way to eliminate you for saying the truth. Nigeria a country who unlawfully detained a freedom fighter for agitating for self determination which is a universal law, a country where a different thing is practiced from what is in the constitution. 

Let me opinel that the only reason hausa/fulani and their enslaved yorubas clamor for one nigeria is because of the oil rich gotten from biafra land, it is the same reason they are fighting for Biafra restoration from been actualized even as they (hausa/fulani) continue on their secret mission of islamising Biafrans. How come Biafrans are been killed on daily basis using the DSS, Army and Police to maim, kill and intimidate us and nobody is saying anything about it, they are bent on sending biafrans into extinction because they know we are peace loving people who have remained calm, resolute and formidable despite the height of abuses and injustices we have received, this is seen in the continued Nnamdi Kanu court trial for agitating for self determination and judges have been seen and confirmed to be bribed to compromise their judgement in favor of Buhari and his cohorts in the evil contraption called nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu as all knows is agitating for self determination as enshrined in the UN and nigerian constitution but this is what the DSS on the orders of Buhari has tagged treasonable felony, it is to be noted that Nnamdi Kanu has been previously granted bail by two courts which the DSS on the orders of Buhari denied him and instead of facing contempt of the court the are allowed to walk the streets untouched but instead returns to the same court to charge KANU of treasonable felony, isn't this funny and makes a caricature of the judiciary who is supposed to be unbiased in a sensitive case like this? I am appealing to the ICC and all necessary international bodies to take cognisance of the level of abuse of human rights on Nnamdi Kanu and act fast to avoid a repeat of this in other places, IPOB has remained peaceful in their agitation despite the fact that they have been maimed, murdered, killed by BUHARI'S Army and police for agitating for self determination, and they have resolved to continue been peaceful , resolute and formidable no matter the face of danger they are subjected to .Nigeria is afraid of Biafra because they are whiter than white and truthful in their quest for Biafra.  

Ezekwereogu John 
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers.
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