Two years ago, the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu predicted surely the emergence of Fulani militia on Radio Biafra. Though some idiots tagged it the tribalistic statement, while the predicted terrorists were somewhere preparing for their upcoming killing. This group of terrorist has been labeled the world fourth most dangerous terrorist group due to their present attacks on innocent indigenous. It is good and mostly important to note that this group has been operating in the zoo called Nigeria for quite a long time, but the federal government has been doing nothing serious to stop the brutality meant for innocent children, men, and women that did n't do anything wrong to the terrorists. Some months ago, they unleashed mayhem on the innocent citizens of Benue state killing more than five hundred people dead, and rendering the survivors of the massacre homeless, yet the federal, state and local government did absolutely nothing to protect these innocent citizens mostly children, rather they go about their lives and swept everything under the carpet. Today the same group are in southern part of Nigeria operating likewise. They killed hundreds three days ago at Enugu while others flee for their lives. As if it's not enough, they have continued their operation on the same citizens of Enugu killing as much as they need while the community turns to exile. The most disturbing event is that the victims of the event voted for senators, Assembly members, members of representative, governors and worst still, a president who supposed to protect their lives and properties, but they are doing absolutely nothing to save them from this brutality. They are living comfortably well at their houses while the citizens languish in the hands of Fulani. It is also important to note that this group has been allowed to carry ak47 and other sophisticated weapons by having the license to access it. In the zoo Nigeria,

Biafrans has become victims of these terrorist group. The weapons carried by Fulani is meant only for Biafrans because we have been singled out for total extermination. The pedophile in power is not giving a damn talk less of intervening on behalf of Biafrans. Well, this is no news to us because our prophet predicted it and by now we supposed to have been ready for this attack. I believe Rev. Ejike Mbaka is aware of this injustice because when we start there will be no need of calling us evil. David Cameroon, Barack Obama, Putin, Nyatayahu and the rest of world leaders, I hope you all are watching the great injustice unleashed on Biafrans? We have right to live as stated in the human right law, and we must protect our right, land, wives and children. When Biafrans starts let no organization, media house or any stupid leader call us terrorists because we have tried to hold our patients.
Emmanuel Precious
Editor Udeagha Obasi
Umuchiukwu Writers.
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