BIAFRA Nigerian government has been sponsoring terrorism which they are made to bring to book,due to the level of corruption in the nigerian government they have continued killing and detaining people extra judicially,boko haram has killed and displaced thousands of innocent people in the contraption called nigeria likewise fulani herdsmen both have wreak havoc in the same country,all these terrorist are Hausa/Fulani people from the northern part of the country called nigeria, instead of nigerian government to use force on them they are romancing them and killing innocent Biafrans and Shi'ites still detaining them till date. nigerian government has built boko haram new camp term it "repented boko haram camp" recent Rabe Abubakar said The Armed Forces have opened a camp for repentant members of the Boko Haram Sect. Speaking with the Punch on Saturday, April 16, Colonel Rabe Abubakar, the acting director of the defence information, said that the military authorities had not disclosed where the camp was located for security reasons, He noted that the military expect that more insurgents would surrender when they discovered the way those in the camp were being treated, “Definitely, the camp is there, and we are working round the clock to fix everything, and all what is required will be there and then we will move “The camp is open, whether in Borno, in Mubi, in Jigawa; the camp is the camp and we have opened it, and people will come to know where the camp is,We do not want to disclose where the camp is for security reasons.

“We hope that more would surrender when the set of those who surrendered are being treated in line with global best practices, that would attract them,” he said,nigeria government has started importing grass for Fulani herdsmen terrorist instead to bring them to book this is what is happening in that contraption called nigeria where terrorist are treated like king why innocent people are been killed for nothing,nigeria is an evil forest, That is why Biafrans want to be free because they are whiter than white and whiter than snow. #freennamdikanu#

By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
Editor,Udeagha Obasi  
UmuChiukwu Writers.
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