UmuChiukwu Writers has visited a victim whom nigerian army has injected poison in his body because of the price of transportation they have agreed on. here are the victim 

statements: My name is Chinweoke, am a driver I base in aba,on 15th of April 2016 I was loading my bus with passenger i was shouting that from flyover aba to obigbo or eleme junction port harcourt is 400 naira crossing those places is 500 naira, when my bus got filled with passengers I now moved as i reached I told everybody to come down one of my passenger refused to come down telling me that I should give him his change or I drive him to bori camp I said to him that was not our agreement he now start making calls I letter gave him back his change to escape temptation.

Still he went ahead to deal with me suddenly, two army men arrived with bike and he pointed at me I then knew he was an army man.They started beating me recklessly one of them now give me injection in my left Buttock which automatically smell out from my mouth and immediately my waist and my left leg got paralysed and stiff automatically. i started shouting for help they increase beating me up to silence me so others will not know that they injected me with poison.They beat me more than 30 minute before one woman knelt down begging them to free me. Since then I can't understand my body anymore I have taken many drugs injections for my cure still no way but I believe in Chiukwu Okike Ahbiama for my healing, but with my body language i don't think if I can make it in life.

That's why am informing the whole world to know what nigeria securities are doing to innocent Biafrans.Biafra land is under siege we are been used as bird of sacrifice in our own region Biafra land.

UmuChiukwu Writers..
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