No weapon formed against Biafra restoration and Biafrans shall prevail. All Hail the Biafra Republic. Fulani herdsmen have attacked several communities including the massacre they unleashed in Agatu community killing over 500 people. How come the DSS under the watch of Buhari is yet to issue a warning to the Fulani herdsmen who are unleashing this mayhem on innocent people? How come they have not  (DSS)released a press news about the other incidents of Fulani herdsmen attacks across on Biafra land? No Yoruba controlled Media in this evil contraption Nigeria has decisively highlighted magnanimously the extent this terrorist Hausa/Fulani herdsmen has been killing Biafrans. Is the DSS headed by Daura now serving the interests of the Hausa/Fulanis, of course, yes? Is the DSS now an arm of Fulani Herdsmen? Of course yes.

Why not supporting any form of killing in whatever name, DSS has shown how clueless and foolish they are, and Nigeria is. They have set this country on fire issuing this kind of statement especially when the authenticity of such allegations were fake. I give kudos to the perpetrators. Fulani herdsmen are on a rampage and need something much worst than this. As the Daura secret service that you are, we can now see that you only exist to protect the Fulanis who go around killing and maiming Biafrans. How many times have you released a statement when Fulani kill and abduct our people in Biafra land.

Where is the statement you released when Mile12 was razed to the ground by the Hausa/Fulanis? How about the Fulani killings and abduction in the Biafra?. So Fulani cows should live while others should die? Anybody that supports this statement issued by Buhari in the proxy is cursed! Another Yoruba media fighting for the Fulani after blowing hot air against Fula cattlemen who keep killing in Ondo and Lagos State. Why are we Yorubas like this? No shame No honor. It seems the DSS are bent on putting Nigeria in more dangerous situations because already Nigeria is dead and Biafra has come. Killing of Hausa people and labeling it the deed of IPOB is very dangerous as IPOB has sworn to nonviolent movement.

DSS and Hausa/Fulanis could go as far as killing innocent people, and pinning the crime on IPOB as an excuse to destroy the organization and jail it members. People in the Biafra Land should be very vigilant, there are a silent killing going on in Biafra land. For all it investigative 'prowess', they claim which we know its all lies why hasn't the Dss succeeded in arresting any of the Fulani herdsmen responsible for the massacre in Agatu? Shameless DSS! Nothing has been done to fish out the herdsmen slaughtering Biafrans on a daily basis, but Buhari attacker dog (DSS) are bothered about some miserable five murderers who got served their own dish.
Nigeria is a terrorist country headed by DSS and Buhari's Hausa/Fulani, the world must note that IPOB all over the world is never a terrorist organization but has remained peaceful even as they are murdered on a daily basis on Buhari's orders. IPOB is a nonviolent organization, they are only agitating for self-determination which is a universal law and right but instead of seeing their right met, they are subjected to all manner of intimidating policies which includes arresting and unlawfully detaining of our leader Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafra agitators who have been peaceful even after two courts have granted him bail unconditionally.

They harass and kill us on a daily basis. The restoration of Biafra is the only reason DSS on Buhari's orders wants to tag IPOB a terrorist organization because they are afraid of Biafra and in their quest to achieve this unholy act the DSS on orders of BUHARI killed Fulani herdsmen and pinned it to be that IPOB killed them, but we are smarter that's why you can never prevail against us.
No weapon formed against Biafra restoration and Biafrans shall prevail. All Hail the Biafra Republic.

By Ezekwereogu John

For Umuchiukwu writers

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