Every core Biafran is already awake but is still behaving as if asleep. Biafrans knows those who are used by the enemy to consolidated their negative influences and do away with them no matter where village or background they come from. We are aware on whose back the Islamic Nigeria are riding; it is on the back of American mistake President Barack Husein Obama, bloody David Cameron of Britain and all the Islamic Arab nations. When the Biafran sister nation the spirit and might of Zion ISRAEL got her independent, there was nothing like security council of United Nations and even if they exist, none of them known to history supported the sovereign of ISRAEL yet she still emerged as an independent nation, despite losing millions of it citizens to the same heathen nation that Biafrans are confronting today. Israel at a boiling point in their struggle for freedom was tagged terrorist by the West whose allegiance then was on Arab Muslim world. The Jewish people knew whom they are, thus trusting nobody but themselves alone. Success came and took the world by surprise not even the highest stumbling block to Jewish sovereignty the British government new when the glory of God rested upon ISRAEL. What are we the Biafrans afraid of? Death? We have counted millions of it. Economic strangulation? it has become the Biafrans daily experience in Nigeria. Hatred? every core Biafran is hated by Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba conspirators. Deception? one Nigeria is a Fraud as long as it relates to Biafra. Betrayal? Biafrans has a basket full of it from the hands of those who brought Christianity to us the Europeans, who gave us BIBLE but gave Muslims Quran and Guns. Hypocrisy? Europe supplies arms to the Islamic jihadist to kill Biafrans at the same time supply Biafrans with, relief materials in the name of Charity. We made a statement in 1967-1970 war of freedom, telling Europe, United States and indeed the free nations of the world that fish is sweetest if caught by us. That is, do not give me a fish but teach me how to find one. Now they are bent on giving us fish after starving millions of us who waited endlessly for their fish; we thus concluded that they have no fish to give us. Whatever name the world will tag us from now does not matter any longer, we have buried enough dead bodies of our kinsmen, brothers, and sisters, dead bodies of our children, elderly ones and our brightest brains. The enemy state, the Islamic zoo Nigeria and it operators new that BIAFRA IS THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH, therefore, must not be allowed to emerge. BUT BIAFRA SHALL COME and it will be a surprise, a shock, and unpleasant gift to Islam worldwide.
When Mohamadu Buhari got to power in 2015 his first executed project was the killings of unarmed IPOB protesters in Anambra state, a testing dose to know what will be the Biafrans reactions, we only reacted on radio Biafra, social media, and phone calls made to the chief sponsors of the killings OBAMA and David Cameron, after that, nothing else happened. When Mohamadu Buhari and his backers saw that nothing happened, they went further to kill another set of unarmed IPOB protesters this time in Delta state, followed by the killings in Akwa-Ibom state, followed by massive killings in Porthacourt the massacre in Aba on the 9th of February, 2016. The indigenous people of Biafra reluctantly activated what the IPOB coordinator of all coordinators Dr. Clifford Iroanya called RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE OF UNITED NATION. The fear of Biafrans was temporarily planted in the heart and mind of the zoo Islamic Nigeria, only to disappear when they waited for Biafran response to the past killings of Biafrans but nothing happened. Since then, Buhari has released all the Islamic army into Biafraland, killing with impunity because he knows that nothing will happen. Those BIAFRANS who are abroad as soon as their legs touch BIAFRALAND, Buhari's Fulani herdsmen are waiting to kill them it is taking place right now, and nothing is happening. NO HAUSA MAN NO YORUBA MAN AND NO FULANI MAN OR WOMAN HAS BEEN KILLED BY BIAFRANS IN RETALIATION TILL NOW. In Lagos state where Biafrans have significant stakes, the landlord has begun ejecting Biafran tenant for flimsy excuses that either the house is being sold, or the rent has increased. In this way, if you paid for 2years with agreement fee and agency fees, you are again required to repeat the payments in the process of renting another house, Biafrans shops and places of businesses is being destroyed by the Yorubas. IPOB and other Biafran agitators must crush, banish and destroy completely the influence of the enemy state in Biafraland. AS IT IS, WE CANNOT AFFORD TO BE ON DEFENSIVE AND GET KILLED ON DAILY BASES SO AS TO MAINTAIN NONE VIOLENCE STATURE.

by Benjamin kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers
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