The money paid by BUHARI to Senator Obi, who recently joined APC from PDP to organise a conference in Ghana to infiltrate IPOB and instigate leadership crisis from within will soon finish and you guys will go back to square one. Hahaha our intel is everywhere to unravel this ambush before it could happen...hence we are not going to Ghana. Now you guys are meandering like a worm who had been sprayed by salt. It will soon die from an induced trauma.

I was hurt to hear the incredible discussion going on in the social media concerning Dr. Ikedife laying claim to the leadership of IPOB. I had the opportunity to join the struggle when there was not yet the IPOB as a body and being one of the earliest that joined the struggle everything happened on my watch.
 The accord between Radio Biafra and Bilie human rights initiative was short lived because the management of Bilie human rights wanted to bring in Rochas Okorocha into the Struggle which Director Nnamdi Kanu strongly opposed and as the two different bodies could not arrive at a compromise there was division as at the time all these things happened there was no Ipob as a registered body fighting for Biafra restoration.

Bilie human rights and Radio Biafra London are two different organisations that came together with the intention to work together to restore the Biafran nation. Bilie was led by Bar. Emeka Esiri with others like Steve Ikpa, Amarachi Okpara etc. On the other hand RBL has Nnamdi Kanu as the head with Uche Mefor and Bar.Emma Mmezu on the crew. Bilie was assigned to establish a legal Suit against Nigeria while the RBL happened to be the only voice tearing the Air wave with the gospel of Biafra restoration. In the real sense of things Bilie was not known anywhere it was RBL that made Biafrans to know about Bilie and her functions.

 In order to embrace the support of the elders and not to be seen as young people's affair and as such will not be taken seriously Mazi Nnamdi Kanu single handedly selected and formed the elders Council to support the youths in the Struggle.

 After the division of Billie and RBL as a result of incorporation of Rochas Okorocha into the struggle rejected by RBL, RBL still maintained the elders council until it was discovered and confirmed that Dr. Ikedife has joined the APC, it was at that point that Director Nnamdi Kanu dissolved the Elders Council headed by Eze Ozobu. The effects of this conflict and division was so great that some weak minded people among the few people calling Radio Biafra then got discouraged and left.

 During all these time there was no IPOB as a registered body and I will not forget to mention here that Biafrans who love what Nnamdi Kanu was saying were making individual contributions to support the Radio. It was after the dust raised by the conflict and division of Bilie and Rbl has settled down some people followed Bilie and I was one of those that continued with RBL, it was then that Director Nnamdi who was on air two times a week implored Biafrans to bring ideas on how to achieve Biafra, he created a Radio Biafra website and in it there was a column for putting down your ideas and what ever you think we can do to achieve Biafra.

It was within this time having been consumed by the zeal to achieve Biafra which Director has confirmed that it is possible based on the application of the UN indigenous people's Charter that I woke up one night at about 3am and a thought came to me telling me how we can form an organisation of Biafrans all over the world with headquarters in London for the moment and after shifted to Biafraland with a state of the art edifice as the headquarters, it also called to me that the problem we may have will be money and leadership. The burden of this thought was so heavy on me that I could not sleep again until I got up open my Computer got Radiobiafra website and started writing all those thoughts as it came to me, I was able to put everything down and sent it then I felt as if cold water was poured on me and I went back to bed.

 Biafrans this was how the IPOB you are seeing today started and many old people in the struggle knows this even Director Nnamdi kanu cannot talk about the origin and formation of IPOB without mentioning Fred Onyeali as the brain behind it.
 All these things were happening towards the end of the first half of 2013.
 When I called Radio the following day Director appreciated my write up and told me to start Coordinating in Germany and I became one of earliest national coordinators of IPOB and from then on from any Country you called and show much interest he will tell you to start coordinating there and by so doing IPOB is everywhere today.

 Looking at this narrative given here how did Ikedife became the leader of Ipob? I read a piece on the Social media the other day where they potrayed Dr Ikedife as the founder of IPOB WORLDWIDE and I laughed IPOB was put together by Mazi Nnamdi kanu with the ideas submitted by me and not Ikedife, again IPOB and Radiobiafra are one and the same inseparable unit under the control, leadership and command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.


written by
 Fred Onyeali
 Elder Statesman BIG

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