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Today the 25th of April 2016 was the supposed date for the  hearing of IPOB leader mazi Nnamdi Kanu as approved earlier by the court of appeal Abuja but unfortunately the judge said there is no record of the case file and is not among the list of cases to be heard today, The defence counsel  Chuks Mouma who travelled all the way from Aba to Abuja for the hearing was disapointed as the judge said the case file could not be found and today is not the supposed hearing date and furthermore adjourned the hearing for another day Thursday 5th of May.

This is another proof of Travesty of Justice in the contraption called Nigeria, how can an appeal case filed by the defendant's counsel over a month ago for a bail issued by the same  court which was extremely  denied by the federal government and DSS on the orders of Buhari.
this shows another lapses in the Nigerian judiciary by Buhari and his cohorts trampling on the Judicial system of Nigeria , undoubtedly Buhari is making Nigeria a laughing stock in front of the whole world, given that there is an ICC delegate currently in Nigeria to monitor the case, this is what we have been trying to tell the world that Nigeria is indeed zoo without justice or more like an evil forest full of wild animals without brains and moral sense.

Why is Buhari scared to allow the case to be heard openly? why is he scared of letting justice prevail? why is he worried of the foreign observer who came to observe the hearing? Buhari and his government is corrupt and have no respect for the rule of law , in a normal country or nation the president and other citizens obey the laws and order of the nation but in Nigeria the reverse is the case, the law and judiciary takes order from Buhari the president, A Judiciary where judges can be bought , where witnesses can be bought and told to testify falsely against a defendant.

The foreign observer who came to the court is as well dissapointed as other people who came for the hearing too, she and her team can now see how corrupt and unbelievable Nigeria can be especially in a high profile case like this, It is good they are present to see for themselves how much human rights abuses and injustice in the contraption called Nigeria, the world is watching and they are all watching with keen interest as Buhari  disgraces himself infront of the whole world, come thursday the 5th of May the eyes of the world will again be on Nigeria for the adjourned hearing , we shall see what the outcome will be.

By Uchechi Collins
For IPOB Writers
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