Buhari, the African Hitler
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

“Biafrans must not be cowed by the tantrums of these modern-day Satanists called Northern Elders. It is apparent our Biafra activism is hitting them between the eyes.”

A group of wicked and oppressive elements from Northern Nigeria, under the aegis of Northern Elders Forum (NEF), recently wrote a letter to their President, Muhammadu Buhari, the African Hitler. Writing on a number of issues and lying that they were suffering in Nigeria, they equally called on Buhari to step-up his clampdown on, and murder of Biafrans.
The part of the letter on clampdown on Biafrans read: “We commend Mr. President’s stand and disposition towards the threats posed by the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) and advise that in addition to allowing full weight of the law to be deployed against these threats, Mr. President should support initiatives which isolate this threat among Igbo people.”
Firstly, Igbo is part of Biafra and not the other way round, and to say that Indigenous People of Biafra be isolated from Igbo people is foolishness. Secondly, Biafra and Biafrans are not threats to anybody or any people; they are only seeking independence and freedom from an oppressive state. Nigeria is rather the threat to Biafra and Biafrans. And thirdly, IPOB is body of Biafrans, and not only of Igbo people.
Biafrans cannot be threat because they are peaceful people, with peace and freedom in their DNA, which has been proven over the years. IPOB have operated none violently and therefore could not constitute a threat anywhere. In their quest for independent Biafra and freedom for its peoples, they have been operating legally under local and international laws. They are recognized in more than 80 countries of the world; the United Nations (UN) and European Union (EU); and even the Pope acknowledges them.
Biafrans: responsible and disciplined protesters
They have been protesting in those countries, before the UN, EU, and at the Vatican, since their leader, Nnamdi Kanu, was abducted by Nigerian government and detained extra-judicially. None of those countries, UN, EU or Vatican have found any fault with their conduct. They have proven to be highly responsible and disciplined people.
Biafrans know that Nigeria has expired – having lived out its miserable 100 years of existence without anything tangible progress – and as a result, have evoked their right of self-determination under United Nations’ (UN) charter on Indigenous Peoples’ rights of 2006. In spite of their peaceful conducts, Nigerian Army, Navy, and Police have been shooting and killing them on the orders of Buhari, even in their own land. They have been murdered while on peaceful protests, and at prayer-grounds. Because of these atrocities, Buhari has been taken to the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague. ICC officials were in Nigeria and in Biafraland recently for fact-finding.
Northern Elders: agents of darkness
Surprisingly, in spite of all these, the foolish old men from the North still asked for more repressive actions against them, by their chief terrorist, Muhammadu Buhari. What possible threat could a people peacefully seeking freedom and independence from an oppressive state have for the oppressors?
We know that a free Biafra stands in the way of Northern expansionist agenda, as well as the agenda to Islamize Biafra. But those wicked Fulani people leading NEF should know that there is nothing to isolate in Biafraland. Biafrans are people with a civilization that existed hundreds of years before Fulani ancestors left Feuta Djalon Mountains in Guinea, in search of grazing ground. Yes, hundreds of years before Britain created and christened the geo-political space and called it Nigeria. If there is anything to isolate at all, it is the Fulani/Northern Nigerian agents and agencies in Biafraland like Rochas Okorocha and Ohanaeze (the useless organisation that claims to lead Ndigbo). It is such that should be isolated and packaged back to the North.
Igbo people are Biafrans and so how do you isolate Igbo from Igbo? Or how do you isolate Biafra from Biafra. The criminality of the Fulani has gone into their heads that they no longer think straight. What occupies their minds is how to annihilate a people, take over their land, and take over their resources. What Biafrans have resolved is that they will not allow Fulani people, a minority even in the North to steal their land and resourced the way they did to the Hausas and other peoples of the North.
NEF recognizes the fact that Biafra will make them lose their hegemony over Biafraland. They know that Nkalagu Cement factory, which they aided their brother (Dangote) to steal will be reverted back to the owners. They know that the Calabar Port, which they have also (using Dangote) to steal and occupy, will also be given back to the owners. They know that the oil deposits in Biafraland, which they have stolen and occupy, would be taken back and given to the people. Those are what they call threats, but Biafrans are assuring them that those threats will never go away, no matter whatever repressive method Buhari may want to use.

Biafrans killed and dumped in the bush by Buhari's men
Yes, Biafrans know that “allowing the full weight of the law to be deployed” against Biafrans, only meant one thing, repression. We know they are urging Buhari on to continue with the illegal use of the Army, Navy and Police to killed innocent and unarmed Biafrans. These Northern supremacists must know that they can never stop the coming of Biafra, and that British and Northern Nigerian influence will be erased completely from Biafraland and Biafran psyche. Biafrans must not be cowed by the tantrums of these modern-day Satanists called Northern Elders. It is apparent our Biafra activism is hitting them between the eyes. Like snakes in spasms of death, they are only wriggling with fear at the imminent collapse of their evil empire called Nigeria.
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