The global families are outraged though silence, Biafrans are angry due to Islamic secret and open massacre of innocent men and women in Biafra, except the government of Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, any other government lead by hausa/Fulani or Yoruba conspirators from 1960-2016 roles federal army to murder Biafrans in hundreds of thousands and in millions. The very first killings of Biafrans in northern Nigeria where three thousand men and women of Igbo extraction was killed did not force the British government to quickly create the republic of Biafra culminating into civil war that saw more millions of the same tribes murdered. How many individuals, groups of people, family/families, villages or towns that Biafrans destroyed from 19100 when the British came? THE ANSWER IS NONE. Recently in 1995 the wife of a Biafran trader and business man by name Gideon Akaluka used torn pages of Quran she found in a dust bin to clean up her child's feces, her husband mentioned above was arrested and taken to a police station in Kano, the Islamic jihadist, terrorist broke into the cell with the aid of Nigeria police took Gideon Akaluka outside the station and BEHEADED him took his headless body round Kano metropolis for show. Till today, the islamic government of Nigeria treated the case with kid glove and that was the end nobody heated anything up till now. In 2006 five young Biafran men and a lady were returning from a night out in Abuja capital city of the zoo called nigeria six of them was arrested and killed, there names are Ifeanyi Ozor, Chinedu Meniru. Isaac Okorie, Paulinus Ogbonna, Anthony Nwokike and Tina Arebun. Their age was put at between 21-25. Those who murdered them were all hausa/fulanis and there names are Deputy Commissioner Of Police DCP Danjuma Ibrahim, Assistant Superintendent of police ASP Othman Abdulsalami, Corporals Nicholas Zacharias, Emmanuel Achenje and Safiq Salami. The presiding judge Ishaq Bello sat on the case since January 2006. Many of them have been promoted and some sent abroad to squander oil money from Biafraland by the government of the ZOO called Nigeria.


January 2012 in Sabon Gari Kano state in Islamic northern nigeria regarded as a home to Biafrans with largest BUS STATION owned by Biafrans was bombed with a devastating twin blast death toll was in hundreds of thousands, with properties worth billions destroyed by the Islamic terrorist sponsored by Buhari, Sanusi the emir of Kano and Arewa consultative forum blood, blood and blood of Biafrans flowing everywhere in northern Nigeria. Bauchi and Jos in 2008 close to 150 youth corpers was gruesomely murdered while carrying out their so called national youth mandatory service, 80% of them were BIAFRANS we love western education but the Islamic hausa/Fulani hates this great achievers and decided to waylay and kill them in their prime. ODI MASSACRE IN BIAFRALAND 20th Nov, 1999. The then minister of defense Theophilus Danjuma a stooge in THE hands if THE Islamic northern Nigeria advised Aremu Mathew Okikiola Olusegun Obasanjo also a stooge of hausa/fulanis and Nigeria president as at that time to send soldiers to Odi, Obasanjo ordered General Victor Malu to go to ODI in Biafraland and LEVEL IT, after the visit of soldiers led by Malu, the then Senate president Dr. Chuba Okadigbo a learned Biafran came to inspect the extent of damages done to innocent women, children and THE elderly ones, on getting there he said QUOTES: There is no human being to talk to what we saw there was goats, fowls and flying birds. ODI WAS DESTROYED COMPLETELY. The Islamic government now led by arch genocidist, rapist and paedophile Muhammadu buhari continued the killing of Biafrans two young boys Mr. Michael Nweke and Mr. Peter Nwankwo was shot and killed on 17th Dec, 2015 by Buhari's BOKO haram whom he converted as soldiers and posted to Onitsha military cantonment, the army took the bodies of this two young Biafrans and dumped it in Onitsha general hospital, it was discovered on January 2016. Many more of such secret executions is ongoing as you read this article. Mention must be made on the killings of 9th February, 2016 in a high school playing field where unarmed Biafrans were praying when soldiers from 144 division of the ZOO army invaded the praying ground and massacred hundreds of Biafran youths, arrested many including women only for their dead bodies to be discovered in a borough pit along Aba Port Harcourt road, acid was also poured on them to hasten decay and cover ups. Some prominent world leaders have intercepted the videos which went viral on internet social media.
The supower lowers have not stopped Muhammadu Buhari from killing Biafrans, if they have, why have he continued the inhuman act.
Why all this atrocities against Biafrans? THE ANSWER AGAIN IS, the northern Zoo Nigerian jihadist want to stop THE emergence of sovereign state of Biafra, they have vowed to use the present government of Muhammadu Buhari, Rochas Okorocha and THE rest if saboteurs in Biafraland to achieve that.
Any gods, be it Islamic, political movement, principalities or powers that did not CREATE BIAFRANS MUST PERISH ON EARTH AND UNDER THE HEAVENS. SOVEREIGN STATE OF BIAFRA SHALL COME WITH FIST OF FURY. 
By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi 
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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