Tonight I attended the SOAS debate at London University, it was interesting and I'm sure the video will release soon. However the host did not want me to speak☹ I would say it's a conspiracy but in all fairness if I had spoken the house may have erupted! But I wanted to clarify about the British involvement in Nigeria's construction. 

To my point I'll say it here so it does not go unsaid, the eastern trading company were slavers they transported slaves from Africa as the world grew some sense and abolished that nonsense, the eastern trading company traded with all the parts of what they now call Nigeria and they held the trading rights, they sold those rights to the British Govt, after the Berlin Convention Britain colonists took what they wanted from Africa, and as part of that Lugard led constituting Nigeria, now when the Nigerian constitution was constructed originally they took note of the ethnic diversity and set up local courts and local governments so they could retain to some degree some normality.

Now over time this was all lost as the greed and corruption of the leaders led the manipulation by the Federal Government to take control, as they slowly implemented control over all the oil and mineral rights, and faded out all agriculture and in fact the industry's that had built west Africa, so today as it stands the money only comes from what's under the ground (they rely to much on it), the FG now controls that and take its % (supposedly), the rest is meant to be sent back to the states, rather than the other way round, and as everyone feeds on the corruption on the way from FG back to the people.. it's the people that suffer, not just Biafrans but ever part of Nigeria's amalgamation. 

Now Biafrans understand democracy they were democratic by culture long before the Greeks, they also had autonomous societies, now all this argument over what about other nations then the Igbo, let's not forget Biafrans are Biafrans, a referendum comes we ask the questions do you want to remain in Nigeria.. Simple! The aim of Biafrans to my understanding is to return to the democracy they knew before it was polluted by colonial type democracy and Biafran democracy relies on autonomous societies! ‪#‎Biafra‬ ‪#‎DivideNigeria‬
I think the next debate should be titled "Is Nigeria dead or alive?"
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