Every right thinking individual will ever accept it that in a democratic system of governance, there is always a rule of law that stands as check and balances between public officials. And in any rule of law there is also accorded fixed principles and regulations of which the country is being governed.
Section 14 subsection 3 of Nigerian Constitution 1999 (as amended) made a provision on public office will be settled in order to embrace the diversity and ethnicity of Nigeria. Buhari flattened this procedures and ended up lopsided. The idea behind all his marginalization towards other region that contributed nothing or %5 votes during his 2015 election is travelled. Buhari lopsided the appointments and flattened the constitution in order just to shade himself against his political enemies and not be checked when breached the constitution.
Looking into the recent action and reactions that bordered in bring the president down from office or pass vote of no confidence were swept under the carpet. Using party cabals and his relatIves as protector of tyranny. The case budget missing and disappearing shows a huge incompetence in the side of the presidency to handle the affairs of the economy. Despite all these pitfalls, no one from the house raise any sound of inviting the the president for questioning. Knowing fully well that the Senate president is not in support of his tyrannical system of government, he (Buhari) ended up opening a case file against him in order to reduce his morale to carry out check and balances on the executive as one of his legislative functions.
Looking from the approach of the military, he surrounded himself with another retired criminal to raise in partnership to achieve his political oppression. The killing of the Shi'ite members were 300 hundred innocent souls massacred without any pressure on the side of the presidency to address the pogroms and genocide against humanity. The same set of cables that carried out the atrocities against humanity were same members of the committee of inquiry and investigation set up by presidency. The same military kill Pro-biafrans protesting for release of their leader (Mazi Nnamdi Kanu) and restoration of the republic of Biafra. In Spite of all these physical evidence, no member of the national assembly raised the issue in the floor of the house up till today.
The ministry of justice is another arm that Buhari has changed as toothless boodog. The unconditional order to release the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Dr. Nnamdi Kanu was stalled by buhari agents. Till today the minister of justice did not make any comment relating to the breach of order by Buhari. All sectors of system is characterized by Buhari relatives thereby making it easy for fight against corruption to be a disguise to punish and persecute political enemies.
S's Nigeria has become a lawless country that goes contrary to international articles that stands as a watchdog against human rights. The United Nations articles that gives the oppressed and marginalized to deter their existence is always being flattened by killing protesters. African Union articles to protect life and property of the citizenry, and preserving their fundamental human right has been overlooked by African leaders. ECOWAS bilateral agreement in protecting member country's citizens is doomed. Amnesty International is probably silent because Muslim brothers of Buhari occupied the arena. To investigate the atrocities committed by Buhari against the indigenous people of Biafra and Shi'ite members, they are not bordered and that is one of their primary functions.
Now that International Criminal Court has risen to investigate all these atrocities aforementioned against humanity, I urge them to work with all sense of diligence and carefulness. Buhari is capable of bribing any investigative if care not taking. Taxpayers money has been used to flow to different countries of the world in order to purchase arms to fight his enemies and commit more pogroms and genocide. It will be easy for him to obstruct the investigation at all cost.

By Prince Richmond Amadi
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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