Buhari: Nigeria's chief travelling salesman
“Aso Rock sources have confirmed that Buhari’s constant journeys out of Nigeria each time Nnamdi Kanu is appearing in court is because Biafra issues give him hallucinations”

Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian President and great traveller of our time, has become an interesting subject of study as he absconds from duty each time Nnamdi Kanu is to appear in court.
Nnamdi Kanu is leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) who was abducted by Buhari’s henchmen – men of Department of State Security Services (DSS) – late last year. Since then he has appeared in court not less than 12 times, and each time he is to appear in court, Buhari always sneaks out of the country claiming to be in search of investors for his expired country, Nigeria.
As Kanu will be appearing again in court come April 25, Biafrans are wondering (asking gullible Nigerians) where their brainless President would be sneaking into this time around. Painfully for most Nigerians is that they have not been able to present answers to such cowardly behavior by their President.
On top of that, they feel they have lost the moral right to question their President the reason for such behaviour, and to ask him to behave rightly and jettison his numerous fruitless journeys abroad. For that reason, even while the country is grinding to a halt, and their President globe-trotting, they have not been able to challenge him.
Now many Biafrans have been insisting that Buhari was only running away from the spirit of millions of Biafrans he had a hand in their death, which have been haunting him all over the country. The Biafrans claim that the only time the Nigerian President feels safe and insulated from the ghosts is when he hears less of Biafra which is mostly when he is outside the country.
Following Biafra Choice Writers’ enquiries in Nigeria government circles, an Aso Rock source has acknowledged that Buhari does sneak out of the country each time Kanu appears in court because he wanted to keep away from Biafra news.
Pictures of Biafran demonstrators give Buhari "hibbie jibies"
In addition, our source confirmed that the pictures of Nnamdi Kanu or demonstrators with Biafran flags always turn his stomach over.
It was confirmed also that seeing pictures of Kanu’s trials and protests of Biafrans, together with those his Gestapo men in the DSS killed, always gave him nightmares. According to our source, he refused to watch the film of Police and Army killings of Biafrans on Ajazeera was because he feared it would give him hallucinations afterwards.
Perhaps with this revelation, Nigerians would no longer wonder why their President was always running away to other countries while their country was going down daily on all indices of development. Right now, there is scarcity of everything, everywhere all over the country. There are long queues at fueling station as PMS (petrol) is scarce. Transportation has risen and electricity generation and distribution has dropped so much with its attendant hardship.

It is time for Nigerians to ask their President to let Biafrans go, because as it is now, Nigeria is in a situation like that of Egypt during the time of the ten plagues, before the exit of Israel. 
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