Buhari is just being paradoxical. He said “I am for everybody and for nobody” and yet, he refused to probe his party affiliates. And now he solely designated APC states to actualize his islamization of Nigeria agenda although we are not surprised. Do you know If crude oil had been in North and not where it is, I wonder what would be happening by now. all of a sudden under dis photogenic administration, trivial issues like interview by a little girl in USA has become big propaganda news in Nigeria, something that should not even make a headline. instead of developmental news about government policies,
nigerians are bombarded with: -picture of buhari sipping milo, -picture of buhari drinking water, -picture of buhari laughing hard with osibanjo,  
-picture of buhari inspecting his cows, -buhari arrive ghana in grand style, -red carpet reception for buhari in ethiopia, -buhari standing tall with world leaders etc while nigerians are facing: -blackout. -fuel scarcity. -high food price. -mass unemployment. -biafrans massacre and genocide by fulani herdsmen. -mass abduction of biafran children and forced marriages. -undercover corruption. -lack of salaries.
worse still the government is. directionless. Buhari banned the importation of rice and encouraged liberalizing the importation of grass for cows, thus, Making it seem cows are more valued than Human lives. The zoo is finally crumbling under BUHARI the Terrorist and sponsor of Boko haram and Fulani herdsmen One year gives you clue to how clueless a government can get. It took subsidy removal protest for Jonathan to lose his legitimacy with the Nigerian people barely a year into his government. It is taking absolute self destruct mode of this government to lose same. What has Buhari done right? On diversifying the economy what is BUHARI'S plan On improving power. What is BUHARI'S plan On employment generation what is BUHARI'S plan On improved infrastructure what is BUHARI'S plan. I know u will struggle to name any plan and that is the problem.
Nigerians are aware that BUHARI has a four year mandate out of which 10 months is gone already the issue is we don't want anybody to take us for a ride. it is better to booth this government out now and restore BIAFRA, as the signs are that they will take us backward instead of giving them the freedom to destroy our collective future. Do you wait till cancer is full blown before you commence treatment or you commence treatment at the earliest stage? Buhari is an Animal an incompetent excuse of a human being and a Terrorist, A fool who came on TV to boast about killing unarmed protesters in Onitsha. 

By Ezekwereogu John 
Editor,Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers
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