Buhari: the ethnic, religious bigot
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

“Buhari is a school dropout who does not even have a secondary school certificate. Just as he was smuggled into the Army, much the same way was he smuggled into the Presidency.”

Buhari, as one of the leaders of the Fulani people of Northern Nigeria, and by implication Northern peoples, did not start his religious and ethnic bigotry today. It has been his stock in trade, and that of his fellow bigoted Fulani leaders, through which they have succeeded in turning their people into the highly violent and murderous group we see today.
History reveals that Buhari was among many Northern youths of the 40s, 50s, and 60s that were nurtured in the murderous and hate-filled philosophy of Northern leaders like Tafawa Balewa and Ahmadu Bello. They learnt well, and were able to feed same to their followers. That is why the entire North has turned out the way it is today. Northerners kill, maim, sack communities at will, and the likes of Buhari will always be on hand to support and protect them.  Imagine that way back in 2000; Buhari went to Oyo State, in a convoy of fellow Fulani ‘leaders’ to attempt to bully the then governor, Lam Adesina.
Well, Lam gave it to them, full dose!
The date was October 13, 2000. Early that morning, word had gone round through the State Secretariat that the Fulani chief-bully (Buhari) was in town, and meaning to meet the governor. The long perfected plot of Buhari and his fellow Northern Fulani rulers has always been to overthrow other Nigerians from their land through the instrumentality of Fulani herdsmen. It was similar to the same strategy being used at the time by Al Bashir in South Sudan, to overthrow the local populations through the use of the “Janjaweed”.
For Buhari and his fellow Northern Fulani bullies, each time this plot runs into foul waters, they were always at hand to fight and defend it. That was what they attempted with Lam Adesina on the day. Early that morning, as workers were settling down in their offices, loads of Fulani people (and their Northern Hausa slaves), were deposited on Oyo Secretariat by Lorries. They were carrying long faces, which created tension among the people. But they people kept their cool hoping that the governor would settle the matter.
At about 2 Oclock, the power-monger, Buhari arrived in a long convoy of fellow hawks like General Buba Marwa; Aliko Muhammed, Abdulrazak and Hassan. Like their brothers deposited earlier in the morning, they were all wearing long faces.  According to the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Agbaakin  Kehinde Olaosebikan, the anger in them was palpable as all pleasantries extended to them were ignored.
Buhari did not waste time in stating their mission. Emitting fire, he said, “Your Excellency, our visit here is to discuss with you and your government our displeasure about the incident of clashes between two people – the Fulani cattle rearers and merchants – are today being, attacked and killed like in Saki. In the month of May, 2000, 68 bodies of Fulani cattle-rearers were recovered and buried under the supervision and protection from a team of Mobile Police from Oyo State Command.
“That some arrests were made by Oyo State Police Command in the massacre with their immediate release without court trial. This was said to have been ordered by Oyo State authorities and they were so released to their amazement.  The release of the arrested suspects gave the clear impression that the authorities are backing and protecting them to continue the unjust and illegal killings of Fulani cattle rearers…” He then reeled out conditions. Some of the conditions was that they wanted immediate stoppage of the killings, justice and compensation to the Fulanis.

That is the bigot for you. For years, his Northern brothers have murdered Biafrans over one flimsy excuse or the other, even for a cartoon drawn in Denmark. More than one million Biafrans (mostly Igbo) have been murdered all over Northern Nigeria since 1945.
Biafrans killed by Buhari
Recently, his Army, Police and navy, even State Security Service (DSS) agents have killed Biafrans, Buhari refused to watch the video on Aljazeera. But nobody has ever spoken of ‘stoppage’ of the killings or compensation to them. Instead, what we have always heard were threats of how more atrocities would be inflicted on the people.
However, it was heartwarming that Adesina told them some home truth. After explaining to them how the itinerant Fulani people would destroy a village and take off to another, so as not to be caught, he said: “I want to say also that we really have to appeal to our people, the itinerant “Bororo” people, that they should observe less aggression. It is not good; it is not right, just coming from somewhere then you just pass through farm lands cultivated may be with the person’s life savings and then overnight everything is gone. That is not right, even Allah does not approve of that. We even wonder when they talk about this people carrying dangerous weapons, I say do they really believe in Allah? When you just take life like that and go away! Are we not forbidden not to take human life? So I think General Buhari, General Marwa, you have to be educating them.”

Fulani Cattle-herder: Product of Buhari type of education
But it takes the educated to educate others. Buhari is a school dropout who does not even have a secondary school certificate. Just as he was smuggled into the Army, much the same way was he smuggled into the Presidency last year. People cannot give what they do not have.
It is important today that the world understand who this Buhari is and handle him accordingly. Throughout his life and career, Muhammadu Buhari has shown himself as a perfect example of an illiterate leader, as well as a religious and ethnic bigoted that leads an illiterate population that ask no questions before they act.
It stands to reason therefore that the only thing one can get out of such a leadership and followership is chaos. With many like Buhari from the Northern part of the country, it is no wonder that Nigeria is chaotic today with Buhari at the helm?
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