*Says “Buhari and DSS should try harder next time”

Retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari and his Gestapo Organization called Department of State Services (DSS), henceforth referred to as “Gestapo-DSS“, have once again failed in their attempts to portray the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as a violent and terrorist group. 
In their latest but poorly written statement titled “DSS Official Statement on Barnawi and IPOB“, the Gestapo-DSS stated that: “the Service has uncovered the heinous role played by members of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), in the abduction/kidnap of five Hausa-Fulani residents, namely Mohammed GAINAKO, Ibrahim MOHAMMED, Idris YAKUBU, and Isa Mohammed RAGO at Isikwuato LGA in Abia State.” 
They further noted that: “The abducted men were later discovered at the Umuanyi forest, Abia State, where they were suspected to have been killed by their abductors and buried in shallow graves, amidst fifty (50) other shallow graves of unidentified persons. Arrest and investigation conducted so far, revealed that elements within the IPOB carried out this dastardly action.”
To drive home their evil intentions, the murderous Gestapo-DSS asserted that: “It is pertinent therefore to alert the general public that IPOB is gradually showing its true divisive colour and objectives, while steadily embarking on gruesome actions in a bid to ignite ethnic terrorism and mistrust amongst non-indigenes in the South-East region and other parts of the country.
Following this act, tension is currently rife among communal stakeholders in the State with possibilities of spillover to other parts of country“
Sadly, Buhari and his Gestapo-DSS have come too late to the party because the world is already aware of their plans as earlier revealed through IPOB‘s statement dated September 9, 2015 and titled: “PERSISTENT TERRORIST ATTACKS ON BIAFRANS BY THE NIGERIAN STATE.” 
The aforementioned IPOB‘s statement is posted at the end of this Press Release to remind Buhari and his Gestapo-DSS that IPOB knew ahead of time, what they have up their sleeves. 
But apart from IPOB’s proactive warning, it is important to analyze this red-herring being drawn by Buhari and his Gestapo-DSS. 
First, on the website of the Gestapo-DSS, they stated thus: “We are obligated by law to investigate the following;
• Threat of espionage
• Threat of sabotage
• Economic crimes of national security dimension
• Terrorist activities
• Separatist agitations and inter-group conflicts.”
But all the claims above are at variance with Section-2(3) of CAP74 LFN 2004 which is the law that established and empowers the Gestapo-DSS.
Above all, it is not the duty of the Gestapo-DSS to investigate and make conclusive statements on civilian abduction and murder cases but rather, it is the duty of the Homicide Department of the Nigeria Police Force under the Force/State Criminal Investigation Department (FCID or SCID) and the office of the Director of Coroner’s Inquest of the State in question. 
Therefore, structurally and mandate-wise on this occasion, the Gestapo-DSS is a fraud and their claims/activities are equally fraudulent.
Now, we come to their statement: How did the Gestapo-DSS come to the conclusion that it was IPOB members that perpetrated the said crime? 
Why was it so easy to identify the five Hausa-Fulani victims by names while they were unable to identify the name of at least one person out of the other fifty victims?
Are they saying that only Hausa-Fulani people can be easily identified by names? Who conducted the “arrest and investigation” and when was it done? 
By the way, where are the pictorial and video evidences of the claims by the Gestapo-DSS in comparison to the pictures and video footages provided by IPOB when Buhari killed dozens of Biafrans on February 9, 2016 and for which Buhari cowardly refused to watch the video footage during an interview with Al Jazeera’s Martine Dennis?
It is clear to everyone that Buhari and his Gestapo-DSS are bereft of any strategy to quell the rising profile of IPOB and the growing resoluteness of Biafrans to restore their God-ordained nation of Biafra despite extra-judicial killings, intimidations, blackmail, monetary inducements to Ohaneze Ndigbo and allied groups, and sundry evil acts perpetrated by state agents. 
On the other hand, the Gestapo-DSS have realized that they are on the losing side of the legal proceedings that they initiated against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB. 
They have rather resorted to concocting stories of abduction and killing and have subtly introduced the word “Terrorism“ so that they will hopefully make it stick on IPOB and then get Buhari to proclaim IPOB a violent and terrorist organization. 
One of the reasons behind this ill-fated statement by the Gestapo-DSS is to give them the opportunity to go to court and cite Section-62(2) of CAP38 LFN 2004, which is the missing piece in the second charge against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. 
But they have failed woefully. 
Another reason is to give justifications to any upcoming genocidal killing of Biafrans in the Northern (Arewa nation) part of Nigeria, having laid the grounds for reprisal killing of those from the Igbo-speaking areas of Biafraland residing in Arewa portion of Nigeria. 
Therefore, IPOB is once again alerting the world of the evil plans of Buhari and his Gestapo-DSS in which they want to tag Biafrans as violent and terrorists. 
We urge the public to disregard this hogwash statement from the Gestapo-DSS because it lacks credibility, it is not  from the constitutionally/legally authorized source, and it is intended to achieve the twin objectives of classifying IPOB as a terrorist organization and satisfying Section-62(2) CAP38 LFN 2004.
Barrister Emma Nmezu       Dr. Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya
Spokesperson for IPOB       Spokesperson for IPOB
From June 17th to June 19th, 2015, the Nigerian State bombed Akwa Ibom and Cross Rivers States with the banned NAPALM BOMBS killing scores of innocent Biafrans and leaving some of them with severe burns on their skins. 
The reason adduced for these indiscriminate and heartless bombings was that they are targeting kidnappers but these two states are never known to have any history of kidnappings. 
On the 31st of July, 2015, agents of the Nigerian State shot and killed a defenceless Biafran at his shop in Ariaria International Market located in Aba, Abia State in the Biafran region. 
Investigation revealed that these agents wanted to smoke cannabis and wanted the victim to provide them with the cannabis but he politely told them that he does not consume nor keep such in his possession and he was shot dead. 
On August 7th, 2015, at Whimpy Junction in Obio Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State in Biafra region, a Nigerian Policeman shot dead a Biafran bus driver from Ogoniland. 
The reason for extra-judicial killing of this Biafran was because he did not have money to give to the Policeman and the Policeman fatally shot him. 
On Sunday, August 30th, 2015, Nigerian Navy personnel opened fire at over 10,000 unarmed Biafrans who were peacefully giving out fliers and leaflets to fellow Biafrans and educating them on the need for the nation of Biafra. 
This incidence which left many dead and thousands seriously injured from stray bullets, took place at Onitsha in Anambra State in Biafran region. 
A benevolent Police Officer who was at the point of the incidence requested the Naval personnel to stop the mayhem but he was promptly informed by the leader of the Naval Team that they were shooting at Biafrans based on instructions from their Commander–in-Chief. 
Pictures of some of the corpses of the affected Biafrans are attached to this notice. 
Since the beginning of September 2015, Biafrans have been severally abducted by the Nigerian State as ordered by the country’s Police Chief.
The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) hereby bring the attention of the world to these ceaseless terrorist acts and abductions perpetrated against Biafrans by the Nigerian State.
We are informing the world that we cannot stand idly by and watch Biafrans being kidnapped and murdered by the Nigerian Government. 
Biafrans have the fundamental human right to defend themselves against these terrorist acts being visited upon them by the Nigerian State. 
It is very important to note that the Nigerian Government started these terrorist acts against the Biafrans and NOT the other way round. 
The world is hereby put on notice that Biafrans will henceforth exercise their fundamental human right to self-defence. 
What we shall not accept is a situation where the Nigerian State, and their terrorist-supporting allies, will embark on smear campaign of labelling IPOB as a terrorist organization when actually it is the Nigerian State that is terrorizing Biafrans. 
We shall resist any attempt to tag us as terrorists just because we are merely defending ourselves and stopping the Nigerian State from exterminating us through their acts of terrorism. 
The Nigerian Government had already killed over 6 million Biafrans beginning from June 22nd, 1945 in Jos to January 12th, 1970 and the killing is still ongoing.
Biafrans shall defend themselves in order to put a stop to further genocide and this should NEVER be construed as an act of terrorism but rather an act of self-defence.
The real terrorists are the Nigerian State and her agents. The world should take note!!!
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Mazi Uchenna Asiegbu
Leader of IPOB Head, Directorate of State of IPOB




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