First Biafra protest at EU headquarters
By Tim Tockukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

As Biafrans put finishing touches to their planned protest in front of European Union (EU) headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, they are equally continuing with their phone-campaign to Senators in Nigeria. The phone campaign is to inform the Senators that the time has come for the issue of Biafra, and its separation from Nigeria, to hit the floor of the Senate.
Incidentally, the phone-campaign is in its second day running today, even as reports are revealing that Biafrans are not relenting. They are insisting that the Senators must take a stand and bring the issue to the floor of the Senate so as to debate on how best Biafrans would exit the contraption called Nigeria.
They are claiming that this has become necessary since Nigeria expired in 2014, having lived out its miserable 100 years lifespan.
Nigeria was the outcome of the cobbling together of disparate peoples in 1914 by Fredrick Lugard, and was meant to last for 100 years which elapsed in 2014. Biafrans are insisting that the most civilized thing for the people to do would be to discuss how ethnic nationalities and peoples who are no longer interested in the contraption would move away without rancor and bloodshed.

The Biafran leadership is asking Biafrans from all walks of life and from all around the world to join in the campaigns.

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