Several questions have been asked about the untold hardship currently ravaging the zoo called Nigeria. In response, we have been made to believe many lies as lies have now become a way of life in Nigeria. You can imagine a country where politicians see money laundering as the quickest way of making money thereby abusing the political offices they hold and in the same way, 

indulge in all manner of morally degrading lifestyles such as assassination of character of a person who they perceive as a threat to their dubious aims. Nnamdi Kanu of Radio Biafra is a victim of this character assassination as he has used Radio Biafra to frequently expose and lampoon the nefarious activities of the Nigerian politicians. Without fear, he has told the world how corrupt-ridden Nigeria is and why it is a cursed country. Nigeria is a country that views wasting of human life as a norm. Through its broadcasts, Radio Biafra has continuously made the truth known to the world that Nigeria is a great abuser of human rights. We have tolerated Nigeria for too long.
The recent and continuous killings of Biafrans by the joint teams of the Nigerian security apparatuses (the army, navy, air force, police and the Department of State Service-DSS) and their allied agencies (Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen and Fulani Militias) as ordered by Buhari, show clearly that Nigeria, even though they claim to have embraced democracy, is only paying lip service to it. Being the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, everybody knows that Buhari is in charge the security apparatuses. Those who do not know that Buhari is in charge of the allied agencies should recall that Buhari is the Life Patron of the Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria which is the umbrella organisation of the Fulani Herdsmen and Fulani Militias.
It has recently being discovered that the Fulani Herdsmen/Militia and Boko Haram are one and the same people and the names can be used interchangeable as they are synonyms. Their base station is the north-eastern Nigeria but when one is going on an outstation assignment in Biafra land, the person wears the Herdsmen or Militia uniform. The high remuneration attached to outstation duties is the reason why many of these allied agencies have started extending their murderous services to other corners of Nigeria, including the Oduduwa Republic. When on outstation duties, the DSS personnel spread in all nooks and crannies of our land are always there to provide them with the needed guide and cover since they cannot read maps. Tolerating such killers is a suicidal.
Nigeria is a country where everything is at variance with known norms in the 21st century: the judicial, legislative and executive arms of government trade blames on the policy of corruption; a country that poses threat to human rights; a country that is against self determination and is bent on killing and maiming people who have come out to declare it, etc. It is therefore counter logical and runs against common sense for us to keep on tolerating Nigeria.
The main reason we are on the self determination agitation is the numerous anomalies in Nigeria. Furthermore, self determination is our natural right. We therefore state that nothing will deter us from achieving victory because it is a divine mandate. All we are saying is “GIVE US BIAFRA”.
International communities should take note that we have remained peaceful even in the face of danger and intimidation. Even as Buhari’s killer squads attack us with live bullets and test all forms of chemical weapons on us, we will ever remain resolute and formidable because our cause is divine. In the end, we will win because we are on the path of truth.
By Ezekwereogu John

Edited by Oghenevwe Onoriode 

For Umuchukwu Writers
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